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Sunday, October 27, 2002 3:40 PM

I will try to make this brief. I arrived at the park at 11:45 small crowd of cars. As the day went on a lot more people came for the Halloween festivities. The lot for Superman is now mostly flat and looks good but still no track in sight. Anyway I waited for the park to open and ran directly to the Q-Bot station and got one for the day. Then I went over to Chiller. Only Robin was open so I got one ride somewhere in the middle. All I could feel on the launch was the train bumping up and down. It was very strange.

Next I reserved Chiller and went of too Batman. I zapped the Q-Bot and walked right on. Batman was running great. It was also very smooth and I started to black out throughthe first loop and twist. Next I went over to Nitro and zapped the Q-ot again and ot on in 5 minutes. Nitro was running the best the whole season IMO and was giving lots of airtime throughout the whole ride. Then I went back and got my Chiller ride which I was late for but still got on. Still Bumpy.

Next I had lunch at Granny's Kitchen. It was 10.00 for a drink chicken and fries. At least the food was good.Then I walked over to Medusa and saw the most awesome thing.RT got painted! Most of the lift and a few parts through-out the ride. It makes it look great! Next I went to

Medusa and zapped the Q-Bot and got on it in the front row in 5 minutes. Medusa was a little rough but still a good ride.After that I went over to the newly painted Rolling Thunder. It was a walk-on so I didn't bother with the Q-Bot. The red train is painted and the green train is nowhere in sight. Rolling Thunder was running horrible. It was very painful and I bruises on my thighs from slamming into the lapbar.

Now I walked back to MovieTown and reserved Nitro. Itwas about 30-40 normal queue time. While waiting for it Iwalked over and got some free Scooby cereal they were standing out near Batman for free.


Then after some more looking around I got another ride onNito in row 2. Still giving a good ride. I quickly reserved it and went to see what was happening with Hayride to theUnknown. it was still a half an hour til it opened at 4:00. I waited and got a ride. It was pretty cheesy riding it in the light but I couldn't stay too late. I got off and reserved it so I could get a night ride and went to Nitro to reserve.

Through the rest of the day I went on GASM, Hayride tothe Unknown, Batman, Skull Mountain and a few otherrides. Overall the park was good and I think the did a good job with FrightFest. And last thing they were giving out free Corn Nuts on the way out. They are disgusting though.

Thanks for Reading,


P.S. If some words don't have spaces in between it was from when I edited it.


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Sunday, October 27, 2002 5:27 PM
I noticed when I went last time? not sure what date,but not too long ago,and Fright fest was in full swing,anyway, Batman the ride was running like garbage!, it seemed to bang around every cruve, but not enough to bang ur head up,and there was this funny noise coming from the train it sounded like a sqweeke, a loud one that shook the train ,and It was not normal ,maybe the wheels needed to be changed or something?, as for the Chiller the Batman side was open ,and it was running preety smooth,and very fast!, the Robin side was closed. As for Rolling Thunder, I dident even get to ride it becuase by the time my Q-bot reservation was up I was already returning it! I got 3rides the whole night becuase it was so jam packed!
Sunday, October 27, 2002 8:19 PM
a) Please don't double-space your trip reports. It made it really hard to read and b) I loved the Scooby Cereal!
Dude, you're getting an Intamin!
Monday, October 28, 2002 11:22 AM
Point of Clarification: If you were using a Q-bot, how were you able to reserve a time for Chiller, yet still get Q-bot times for B:TR and NITRO in the mean time. I thought you were only able to reserve one ride at a time. At least that's how it was when I got one. Hinkey...

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