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Ok I am not a poster on this website. I am a member b/c I like to read what everyone has got to say about parks, and coaster and all other sorts, but really not a poster…
But After my trip to SFGADV I was compelled to post my TR, So here we go.

El Toro is an amazing ride. While watching the laps from the line I could tell that this ride was going to be nice. After I finally rode the bull I realized that this ride was absolutely incredible. The air time on the hills were great, the speed of the ride was nice and the twists and turns in the Rolling thunder valley area were a fantastic surprise. All In all SF has a gem with this ride. The only problem was launching the ride, the ops seemed to be taking their time with getting the ride going… But the line moves ok (definitely better then KK). Rode El Toro first and last of the day. Enjoyed the heck out if it both times.

Kingda KA was running about 90% of the day, which it seems is not a normal thing. Was able to squeeze one lap on it, due to 2.5 hour wait in the almost unbearable early afternoon heat. Great ride and every lap was making it over hill. Only launching two trains though, and it seemed that after every 10 launches there was a 10 minute delay, which made for a long wait.

Nito: Always a great ride. I guess with the New El Toro and Kingda Ka actually running there was hardly a wait in the Nitro line. Was able to squeeze about 5 laps in about 35 mins. Go Nitro! It is still one of my favorite rides ever.

We also visited Batman the Ride, GASM, the parachutes, whatever the top spin-type ride is called, Houdini’s Great Escape (to escape the heat).

Rolling Thunder was running which I was a bit upset of… I really like the ride. Also no surprise but The Chiller wasn’t running either.

Now onto the park in general... It was completed and utterly disgusting. By the end of the day all of the trashcans in the major rides were overflowing and seemed like they hadn’t been emptied all day. The queue lines looked like a friggin orchard b/c of all the lemos that were thrown on the ground when everyone finishes their lemonade. Also, where was the security team? I did not see one Security Officer in any of the queue lines. People were line and smoking in line. It was a pain in the rear. Many more observations, but not gonna ruin this TR…

All in all it was a fun day at the park, El Toro rocked and it was nice to get another lap on KK. I just wish SFGADV officials would do something about the cleanliness of the park.


Please do ruin the report with the bad details they need to be said. I was one of the biggest supporters of this park early in the season but now I won't be going back because of what it has become in the summer. I am actually expecting the park to get worse during frightfest.

Watch the tram car please....
Bring it on! I personally cancelled a SFGAdv trip and switched it to Hersheypark, mainly because of the lousy performance of the park. I'm glad I did switch it to Hersheypark, too.

I probably won't get back up to SFGAdv until October. Six Flags really needs to get their act together. They have quite a ways to go, too. Even if they hit a level of good performance, they need to maintain it. Consistency is essential.

coastin' since 1985

The time you spent in the park reminds me of the trip I took to GADV a few weeks ago.

Nitro is probably the most satisfying ride in the park. Aside from it being my favorite, it always has a short line even when waiting for front row, and it's always fun to ride.

Batman: The Ride never usually has a long line, but the line was pretty stacked up when I went. Even through it's 13 year period of operation, it's still a popular ride in the park, not to mention fun and intense.

GASM is still very enjoyable, and the best part about it is that there is never a line, never. I went on it 4 times in a matter of 10 minutes. I didn't even have to leave the station to get back on it. I think it's the most underrated ride in the park.

KK was just frustrating. The lady said it was an hour wait, so I was excited that it wasn't any longer than 3 hrs like usual. The line didn't even look long but my only question is, why is there a 10 minute period between each launch? I got out of line because I only moved an inch in the 30 minutes I waited in line. Ride is only worth it if you get there first or if you have a flash pass.

After getting out of line, my frustration had got to me, so when I went on Medusa twice when there was no line, I wasn't too excited after getting off the ride. Medusa is my second favorite ride and I was dissapointed that I was still frustrated at KK not operating well. I still enjoyed it, but I wish I could've enjoyed it better if I wasn't so upset.

El Toro was a real surprise for me. Long wait, about an hour and 15 minutes for me but it was worth it. Really fun ride, very fast throughout, even the lift hill, and the twisting around Rolling Thunder was mighty intense. What pissed me off though was that they were only running ONE train. ONE TRAIN! When they had the other one sitting on the switch track. I guess the operators love longer lines.

Skull Mountain was closed, and that was dissapointing because that's one of my favorites in the park. Chiller obviously was closed. And I didn't get to ride Superman because the line was very long and I only stayed in the park for about 5 hours. *** Edited 8/7/2006 8:02:30 PM UTC by NiTroFrEaK***

The other observations...

Ride ops having more fun fooling around then actually taking the extra effort to get the trains boarded and launched.

The quality of customers (I know SF has nothing to do with it but it must be said) 75% of the customers are qhetto thug trash that curse, yell and scream, throw trash, smoke in lines, spit all over the place, and just cause such a rucous (spelling?) throughout the park.

And I actually had a ride op tell me "Hey I only work here" when I complained about the trash in lines. Well... you do work here do something about it...

Park cleaners were detailing the main areas instead of the ares that need it (lines, exits, food stands).

Service a food stands slow and non-respectful. One woman at the ice cream stand gave me an attitude when I asked what the blue and white ice cream was, b/c nothing on the menu seemed to be the blue and white stuff.

Then the prices... Parking: $20??? Jesus!!!
Admission: $64 Good God!!! ( I have a SP, but my friends didn't. they nearly dropped dead with the price!


Shamrock said:
75% of the customers are qhetto thug trash that curse, yell and scream, throw trash, smoke in lines, spit all over the place, and just cause such a rucous (spelling?) throughout the park.


Did you actually "see" them doing this, or do you just assume that since people are ghetto they are predisposed to doing such actions?

Fate is the path of least resistance.

Yeah I DID actually see them doing this!

I actually had soda thrown on my leg b/c of their disrespect for others. Too busy clowning around pushing each other, someone dropped their soda and splashed all over me... Not even a sorry (or in their case: Ma bad)

Then had to deal with their foul language (which really doesn't bother me, but I did when there was a family and (3) kids in front of me.

And the rules clearly state "NO SMOKING IN LINE" Actually the rules state "No smoking outside of designated areas" Last time I checked the queue line was not a designated area for smoking. Hey... and I smoke too(actually almost 2 packs a day- I can deal with not smoking, while standing in line).

God bless the GP that GADV attracts. They have aboslutely no respect for that no smoking rule. I see people walking all over that park smoking.

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