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I wrote this trip report in my notebook on the ride home from the park and totally forgot about it until I just found it. Here it is.

I went down to the park with my church youth group, a nice little free trip. I don't feel too bad about it, because I've done a lot for the church and get occasional trips to cool places as a reward.

We got to the park Saturday morning a little after the park opened. We found a slight wait at the gates but nothing too bad. I found myself staring at Superman:Ultimate Flight in what was awe for a short time.

We entered the park and instead of going to Nitro we just casually strolled over to S:UF. All the little fact signs about the villains and heroes of the Superman series are pretty cool-looking. After about a half-hour wait we hopped on near the back, and the ride ensued wasn't too bad.

It was an OK ride, but just not what I was expecting from it. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but I never got it. The ride was ok, earning a 7/10.

After that we walked slowly, very slowly, over to GASM. From what I've heard of GASM, people say it's bad. I thought it was a good ride and managed to catch it twice(there was about a five minute wait). It earns an 8/10.

Unfortunately in my group were a couple younger kids that insisted they go on the Spongebob Squarepants 3D Ride. I insisted against it and tried to get another group to head off over to The Chiller and B:TR but of course, we're stuck there outside the SS3D Ride waiting for them to come out.

Well halfway through one of the chaperones came out, saying he was sick from the motion sickness or what not. Funny. He went on S:UF and GASM without a problem, but SS3D made him feel like he was going to puke. Minutes later his seventh-grade daughter came out crying and saying the ride made her sick too.

So the rest came out at the end of the ride and we sat there for a half hour(we only had five precious hours, I was getting antsy) waiting for the girl to calm down. Eventually we split up and walked, again, very slowly over to The Chiller.

We got in line and after about a half hour we got on the blue side. Red wasn't running(excuse me for not knowing the names of both, they seemed to have slipped my mind and I'm too tired to look it up). Nice little ride, fun launch and nice tophat. I enjoyed most of it except for a little headbanging. This ride earns itself an 8/10.

We took a spin on the Bumper Cars and then it was time for my number three favorite roller coaster, Nitro. The wait said 90 minutes and we almost DIDN'T ride it. That would've been a mistake.

Someone wanted to go ride Medusa and totally pass up a ride on one of the greatest roller coasters of all time(IMO). About three quarters of the group wanted to go but I managed to convince them all to stay and wait for Nitro. Well after forty-five minutes we were loading into the two last rows of cars.

We went onto the lift and I was sitting next to a friend, a 'coaster enthusiast that isn't enthusiastic about every coaster'(which is what he called himself.). About halfway up I pointed out that a raft had broken free from the river rapids ride and was sitting in a reservoir.

Clenching onto the lap bar with a death grip, he told me to shut up through clenched teeth and closed eyes. That made me laugh. We dropped over the first hill and my hands just shot up. The whole ride. That drop was just amazing, especially into the nice big turn.

I kept receiving nice pops of air and this has to be my favorite airtime coaster. Overall this ride was perfect and it earns itself a 10/10.

After Nitro we sat around and ate lunch, then headed over to B:TR and got in line. After about 45 minutes we got on and I really like this ride. People say your head bangs around but I don't think it was that bad. This ride earns a 9/10.

We only managed to hit five roller coasters because my group was slow, but I might be going again soon. Also, I'll be heading to SFNE sometime next week, so keep a lookout for a TR.


"Nice little ride, fun launch and nice tophat. I enjoyed most of it except for a little headbanging"

Now what exactly were you banging your head on?

Fate is the path of least resistance.

The shoulder restraints
There aren't any shoulder restraints on Chiller.
It wasn't really banging my head during the whole ride, it was that I was leaning forwards talking to my dad when we launched. My head snapped back against the seat because I wasn't expecting it. That's what I meant.

I then made a wise choice not to lean forward again two weeks later on TTD.

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