SFGAdv - Advise First Trip !

Wednesday, June 13, 2001 2:33 AM
I'm flying into New York from Ireland this Saturday and plan to make a trip to Great Adventure. A couple of questions for those who know this park.
Firstly when should i go, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or does it make any difference?

Could someone give me a standard days lineup of rides to get the most out of the park. Also what flat rides do i go for as well as the coasters, Turbo Force - is it worth the extra cash? Evolution? etc..

Do i rush straight for Nitro or leave that till later. Since i'm travelling with two people who've never being on a proper rollercoaster, would they consider all the other rides less after going on Nitro first.

Whats the story with the fastpass. Should i get some of these? Whats rides is it for?

Ciaran - Nitro & Medusa Can't Wait !
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 2:53 AM
I was there a couple of times earlier this year, but on a weekend. First I grabbed a couple of fast passes for Nitro and Medusa. The time on the pass for Nitro was about an hour after opening, so it gave me time to ride B&R The Chiller (low capacity) and Batman The Ride. I then used my 2 Nitro passes and didn't go near it again the rest of the day. The line for Great American Scream Machine was long and I thought the ride was overrated. I then used my Medusa passes. You MUST wait in line for the front seat though, it is a coaster experience like no other. Rolling Thunder and Mine Train were very short lines. Skipped Skull Mt. cause line was long and I heard it was horrible. I can't help you with the flat rides, didn't go on any.
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 4:38 AM
Get there early - at least 9:30! Get your tickets then get on line for Fast Lane passes...get one for everything offered (and I think they make you get them for riding an hour apart). All coasters are offered. Then go to the extreme right of the crowd waiting by the yellow drop rope. When they drop it, run to Nitro. You'll get right on (or a very short wait, depending on how fast you can run!). After that, start using your passes, interspersed with flat rides. Besides all the coasters (except Viper - ouch!), I absolutely can't do without Pendulum, Jumpin' Jack Flash (labeled Freefall), and Twister...they are all awesome. Evolution looks soooooo good, but I can't take it, even with Dramamine, but if you can take that sort of thing, then I recommend that one too. Have a hoot! *** This post was edited by sgonda on 6/13/2001. ***

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