SFGAdv - 8/17/06 - Inconsiderate Animals

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This was our first trip to SFGAdv in about 7 years. Our group consisted of me, my wife (6 mo pregnant), and visiting family from IL (Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin).

We got to the park around 9:45. My Uncle sprung for preferred parking, and we got a pretty sweet spot up front. Once past the gate, we went to purchase our Q-bot gold for 3 riders. It wasn't that bad of a deal, if you break it down. Our admission tickets were bought at AAA, for $32 a piece. This is a huge discount to buying at the gate. Once adding in the price of Q-bot gold, we just paid about $10 more then full gate admission. The Q-Bot gold was great. the longest wait time we got was 20min for El Toro, and Kingda Ka. This was even more then the 75% off wait time advertised.

The park was still as nice as I remember when I was younger. There was no trash around, and most of the employees where quite nice (most notably the Polish employees at Ted's Cheesesteaks). Best rides were El Toro (obviously), Nitro, and Medusa. Worse ride Ops goes to the horrible crew over at Batman

Overall it was a fun day, but several things happened that make me wonder about the urban clientele of this park.

  • While on Nitro a woman decide to take her purse by the strap, and swing it around over her head.
  • In the area near the tigers, a group of about 10 teens decided to have an ice fight. It lasted about 45 seconds with several innocent people getting hit. A SF employee did try to stop it, but the only thing I heard from the group was "F*ck you B*tch!"
  • In front of the park entrance gate, 5 guys were tossing around a watermelon. The watermelon broke into pieces. They proceeded to start throwing the pieces of it at each other. At this point I really thought I was at a zoo during feeding time.
  • My wife was taking a brake on a bench back by the dolphin stadium. Some lady sat beside her, looked at her, then lit up a cigarette. This was a non smoking area, and my wife is 6 mo pregnant!!!! It not like she couldn't tell. It looks like a basketball stuffed under her shirt!.

Why do people have to act like this? It's sad thing.


Welcome to SFGadv. This is the behavior of the usual clientele, however, I've never experienced 4 instances of stupidity in one shot like that...perhaps one of them, one instance of idiocy, yes. But I'm sorry you experienced all four.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

I'm sorry to read about you visit. Some kids still have not got a swift kick in the, well you can fill in the blank from there.

Keep in touch!

Perhaps the ongoing frequency of rudeness there has numbed my senses, but nothing in your report surprises me.

How did the lady on Nitro get to bring a swingable purse onto the ride?

The "bench smoker" should have been tortured. It's sad when the safari animals behave better than the peeps. *** Edited 8/21/2006 3:30:15 AM UTC by Richie Reflux***

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

On the "bright side" (and that is a relative term)... the "Bench Smoker" that you encountered occured in an open area area with good ventilation. Last time I was at Great Adventure, I encountered the WORST "Queue Smoker" ever. This big, rough looking guy decided that he had to smoke in the queue for Batman and Robin, the Chiller in the section of the queue that is ENCLOSED in the tunnel just before the ride. A few people made comments (or just started coughing loudly) but that did not deter this jerk.

In reality, I have come to firmly believe that the worst thing wrong with Six Flags parks are the visitors they attract, and Great Adventure being right between NYC and that cess pool known as Philadelphia is this poster child for this.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"

Richie Reflux said:

How did the lady on Nitro get to bring a swingable purse onto the ride?

Not really sure. All I saw was her swinging it around her head, while we were going up the lift hill.


Most of the problem people are from NYC and North JErsey. Though a large majority of the clientel is from Philly most of them op to stay in PA an go to Cheaper Dorney.

Either way it doesn't Matter. The people that go to my home park are rude and should be shot!


Some people from Philly do go to SFGAdv but they go to many other parks as well. There is such a great choice: DP, Moreys, Clementon, HP, Knoebels, Dutch Wonderland.

DP is the most popular in the area because it is reasonably close and easy to get to (just off the Turnpike and about an hour away), fairly large with a waterpark and some good coasters, not too expensive, and generally run in a decent manner.

Arthur Bahl

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