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Saturday, August 24, 2002 7:56 PM

Was my first time at Great Adventure and I must have been lucky because all the coasters were running, and I got to ride many multiple times, with the help of a "Q-bot" beeper - "Lo-Q" fast lane system.

You get this little electronic "Q-bot" (made in the UK, talk about funny) and you use it to reserve each ride at the entrance of that particular ride. It then gives you a time to return, and you check in again with the "Q-bot" and go directly to the front of the line, usually up the exit ramp. The system is really good once you figure out how to use it, but anyway to the rides.

The Chiller was intense, I liked both the boomerang (Robin) and the top hat (Batman); both sides are unique in their own way, and the inline roll on both is great, especially backwards. Nitro was super smooth, nice series of big drops and a beautiful looking machine too. I think it gets a little too much hype but it is still a great coaster. Medusa is another awesome ride - very smooth floorless, well paced with all the trademark B&M elements.

I really enjoy wooden coasters and Rolling Thunder was no exception. It needs a paint job and some grease at a minimum, but it is still really fun if you don't mind a bumpy ride. The left side was running one train, and the right side was running two, and the ride ops were racing them which was cool. I really didn't notice the difference in layout between the two sides, guess I wasn't paying too much attention. Great American Scream Machine was also excellent. I especially liked the back to back loops, and I didn't find it as rough as many people have said. It may not have the "sophistication" of a modern steel coaster but it still gives you an intense and fun ride. Viper is another story. The first thing is that this ride beats you up with a wicked neck and body whip. The second is that it sounds and feels like it is going to come off the track with a violent grinding screech. I couldn't understand why there was a twenty minute line all day, guess some people just like punishment.

Batman The Ride is another intense coaster which set the inverted trend and does not seem to get old. Not too much to say about the Runaway Mine Train except for the final turn over the water. Same for Skull Mountain, except for the fact that it is in the dark. Nothing to say about Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train.

Overall I thought Great Adventure was an excellent park. I saw some line jumping, but with the Q-bot I felt like the ultimate line jumper. I like the way Six Flags says it is just a line "reservation" system, and that the wait time is the same with Q-bot, the only difference being that you don't have to stand in line. HA! Let me just say that the Q-bot is a necessity and well worth the extra dollars.

But my favorite coaster of the trip was not at Great Adventure. We stopped at Coney Island on the way back and the Cyclone just blew me away. Seventy-five years old, and probably the best coaster ever.

Friday, August 30, 2002 9:30 PM

cool! Glad you had some fun, Cyclone must be somthing else.

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