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Monday, August 6, 2001 10:00 PM
This is my home park and i go there every weekend so i will just stick to the coasters and the order i rode them this peticular day.

Batman The Chiller-Wait time was about 5 minutes and i got the front seat. Great launch and great to hat inversion. This ride is not as rough as people say. 8/10

Batman The Ride-Wait time an hour. I got the front seat and it was a very intense awesome ride with one inversion right after another. This is a very smooth coaster with alot of feet chopping effects in the front. 8/10

Nitro- Wait time an hour. I got the front and back seat to this ride. The back has a great pull over on the top great airtime and is very smooth. The front seat is way better however the way you creep over the top. The front has so much air time its scary. 10/10

Road Runners Railway- Wait time 3 mins. This was the second time i rode this Jr coaster. It is a fun ride but very rough and i'm always afraid i'll chop my hands off on the bar after the helix. Or i'm afraid my weight will de rail the train. 2/10

Skull Mountain-Wait 10 mins. This is a cool in the dark coaster with some great drops and turns. Although it doesnt compare to big coasters its still a very smooth and great ride. I wouldnt wait to long for it though. 4/10

Black Beards Lost Treasure Train- Wait time 5 mins. This is a very smooth family coaster that may look small but is pretty intense for a small coaster. I also love the huge train. 5/10

Great American Scream Machine-WAIT 10 mins- I got the front row and it was very rough but still a great coaster. I am tall so i get no head banging but it oes a number on my shoulders and neck. I love the real slow drop off the brakes and man is the turn on the brakes painful. 7/10

Medusa- Wait an hour. I got the front and back row to this monster. This is a great B&M which is very smooth and has great inversions that are fast paced. However 1 train was pretty rough i guess it neede dnew wheels. The trains also jump after the cobra roll but there is no headbanging. i give this a 10/10

Runaway Mine Train-Wait 10 mins. This is a fun mine train that is very rough and does a real number on your knees and whole body. Its still the best train ive ever rode though. 4/10

Rolling Thunder ( right side )- WAIT HALF HOUR. This ride sucks very bad. It is the roughest wood on the planet and can cave your ribs in. This features the worst turns and bunny hills i've ever experienced. Never will i ride that again. 0/10.

Rolling Thunder ( left side )Wait 1 hour. This side is much smoother but still rough. This side has great air time an is really an excellent wood. Its not much different exept is not a rib basher 5/10

Viper- I will rate this from when i rode it last season. i waited an hour. Man what a ride i loved it. I had no headbanging and it is not rough at all. Why does everyone hate it its not even uncomfortable. The flat roll is awesome and i hope thay open it again and dont tear it down. This is almost as good as Medusa 10/10.

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