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Saw this on CBS 2 @ 11am this morning...... SFGA is having a promotion for FrightFest....Eat a LIVE 2.5-3" long cockroach, and yourself and 3 friends move to the front of any line you want! I kid you not! I just saw this on t.v.!!!!


You can also get discounts from The Home Depot. Tony Stewart will run a Six Flags Car in this weekends Nascar Race at Dover, DE. Discounts range from "Buy One Get One Free" to "Save $15 to 10% Off." Coupons are available at stores within a 150-mile radius of Six Flags-branded U.S. theme parks.

To see the Six Flags Car go here.

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Wasn't that an item on the News Page a while back?
Tony's running a Six Flags car??? I hope his pit crew has a good nights sleep before the race because they're going to need it with that car.
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Does this mean they'll lay off half the pit crew and Stewart's car won't be dispatched for a good 6 minutes after he enters pit row?
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^ Ouch! Humorous, accurate, and sharp. A triple-threat.... :)
I hope he doesn't expect any tire changes or axel grease.
Soooo Six Flags. Sign a sponsership deal with Joe Gibbs racing for a Chase race and, surprise, the defending Nextel Cup chump, er, champ doesn't make the Chase.

No Chase, no air time.

Home Depot gave up primary sponsorship?

Hard to hate on the 20 too much, though, since I road him and Harvick right to the top of my NASCAR fantasy league last week.

Wait, this isn't NASCARbuzz?


Check out the pic on Jayski's site. SFI gets the hood and the TV panel; Home Depot retains the quarter panels and the decklid.

Rich G

Are you kidding me? The race will start, but he'll start 50 laps into the event ;)

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Sterwert is one of the worst drivers (in my oppinion) the last race before the chace he goes from in the chace (by about 60 points) to out of it..

p.s. whats with the sixflags thing

This is a tie in due to Home Depot being the Official Home Improvement store of Six Flags. I would bet Six Flags paid nothing to Home Depot or Gibbs Racing.

The car looks pretty sharp. Too bad like was said it won't get a lot of TV time due to Tony not making the Chase.

As for the reasons for him missing the Chase I'd say wrecking your primary car on Friday and having to use a different car will doom over 80% of the team on the Nextel Cup circuit to a bad day. *** Edited 9/21/2006 2:34:36 AM UTC by dragonoffrost***

Watch the tram car please....
Not necessarily...I've seen numerous times where they get the backup car good enough to run well, or even better than the first car.

Now if they could do that to a ride like Rolling Thunder...get it running better with better trains...there ya go...

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

I would eat a cockroach to get to the front of any line at any park. What is so bad about eating a cockroach if it is sanatized and safe. Wonder what a cockroach would taste like?;) Too bad I am stuck here on the West Coast.:(


I like how the Six Flags car has an Arrow style track on it compaired to a B&M track. Go Arrow!

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Top Three Parks: 1) Islands of Adventure 2) Bucsh Gardens Europe 3) Six Flags Magic Mountain
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I'd eat a cockroach to skip a year of Nascar... :)
^Nascar has to be the most boring sport ever!!!

You know those left turns are kind tricky to pull off! ;););)

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Top Three Parks: 1) Islands of Adventure 2) Bucsh Gardens Europe 3) Six Flags Magic Mountain
^ Damn right! I mean really... What's so entertaining about guys with mullets driving 500 miles in a circle?!
oh jeez...why is everyone so damn stereotyped against nascar? forget it...i'll just go watch my damn races and screw ya'll. or better yet...


Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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I also forgot to add that when the newsies this morning were reporting this story, they did have a funny moment at the end. The female goes, "I sure wouldnt want to be the person sitting behind them"! LOL
I had forgotten about Stewart driving for Joe Gibbs racing. So that completes the whole little circle.

Tony Stewart drives a car owned by Joe Gibbs...
is also the coach of the Washington Redskins...
are owned by Daniel Snyder...
is also the big banana at Six Flags...
Home Depot happens to be the official home improvement store...
also is the primary sponsor of the car driven by Tony Stewart.

So my question is... will they rent Q-bots to people to take a lap or two in the car?

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