SFGA 5/26/01-SHORT V2 lines & Bull RE-RIDES!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 28, 2001 8:13 AM
We got to the park a little before ten. I looked at the list of closed rides for the day, Deja Vu & Yankee Clipper, that was good, it didn't say V2. We got there right when they opened the chains to the left side of the park. That's when I sprinted really fast to V2, when I got there there were 5-8 people in front of me. What's this, a lady standing in front of the entrance saying it's closed! My friends and I waited 15 minutes for them to test it, then they opened the it. I got 3rd row. Awesome ride, I hadn't ridden S:UE yet, so this was my first time.

We ran over to Batman, which was a walk on for the back row. Very smooth ride. Next was Iron Wolf, which would've been a walk on, but we saw why. 4 rows of the train were being cleaned because some people puked on the ride and the park hadn't even been open for 45minutes. They let that train go with no one on it, but I would of gone on it. Anyway we got 2nd row, Good ride. We saw American Eagle, no lines + no people=walk on. Red train was running only, 2 quick rides, then we left to head toward Southwest Territory. We went on Giant Drop(10min wait). Then oer to Raging Bull. We were getting used to short lines so we said we'd come back to Bull later. On to Viper.Anyways, throughout the whole day I got:

7 V2
6 Bull(all in a row)
7 Viper
4 American Eagle
2 Shockwave
1 Batman
2 Demon
1 Iron Wolf
2 SSR(while it was raining the hardest)
0 Whizzer(closed every time I went by it)

Overall it was a great day, but I got soaked and didn't go on any water rides(because it was raining).
Monday, May 28, 2001 8:43 PM
Has anyone noticed that American Eagle has only one train on the track for the blue side. I was there on Friday, and I was looking all over the track for the 2nd blue train.
Tuesday, May 29, 2001 12:27 PM
I noticed that too.
Tuesday, June 5, 2001 5:31 PM
They are starting to add the second blue train this week.

DÉJÀ VU – Fast Forward…Blast Backwards!
Tuesday, June 5, 2001 9:40 PM
So what does that mean? Constant racing with 2 trains on both sides? I hope so.

""Coaster riding is a disease and SFGAm is the cure!!!!!!!""
Tuesday, June 5, 2001 10:13 PM
Like always they never race them. If they are close, ask them too, and they will do the signal , and race.
Wednesday, June 6, 2001 6:34 PM
6 Raging Bull rides in a row!?!, Lucky!!!!!

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