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Sunday, August 5, 2001 5:43 PM
Growing up in Queens, NY I had been to GA several times as a kid and even went in '88 on my honeymoon, but nothing could prepare my b/f, kids and I for the amazing day we were about to have!
Now, I understand that SFGA is in NJ but my goodness that place is EXPENSIVE! $10.00 to park and if we didnt have discount tiks it would have been I think $46.99/piece? YIKES! The 1st ride we hit was Batman-Chill (Robin still out getting lapbars installed) we had NO clue what to expect and I LOVED this ride, it was great and no severe head banging which of course helped.
Batman the Ride: I could hear this ride all over it was so loud. I could NOT help but sigh thinking of Raptor, that B&M roar so farmilar to me! Watching the ride it looked like a smaller (and definitely closer to the ground) Raptor.
Inside the queue line my b/f laughed because he noticed someone had scratched on the wall "JD loves CP" and asked me if I did that :) The ride was fun, the 2nd invert was a nice touch, we all loved it, no Raptor but still was fun.
Skull Mountain: Inside, tons more fun than DT but that wouldnt take too much would it? We did this 2x thanks to my youngest insisting
Runaway Train: Rough but fun
Great American Scream Machine: OUCH man I HATE it when your head gets banged bad and this thing did it, I love inverts, but this thing was like Vortex on speed. We rode it 1x...never to return!
Rolling Thunder: Only 1 side running, fun, lots of airtime not too terrible rough
I've saved the best for last
Medusa: GOTTA love B&M -- we all LOVED this ride it was great from start to finish. Riding this really showed me how much I wish CP had something like THIS instead of Mantis. Kids loved it and even b/f was impressed. (My fav part of the whole ride? During the block brake we all noticed the safari part of the park and could see all the baboons all over the cars..dont ask-we are all easily entertained :)
We had planned on riding Medusa again, never got back to it! :(
NITRO :) :) :) OK so its not as tall or fast as MF--SO WHAT? Another B&M MARVEL! From the unique design of the seats (b/f said it was like you had your own table on your lap) and the open air design, to the lift, to the fall this ride KICKS BUTT!!! Airtime galore (and me trying to hit the support poles-oops-MF moment) just when you think this ride is over, block brake and several bunny hops-airtime followed by more-followed by more.
We all LOVED this ride....and did manage another ride on it before we had to leave
Viper: down for the day-damn!! :(

We also saw the Dino Island 3-D show-it was awesome, very impressive and fun (and air conditioned which considering the humidity was a must) We watched the Lethal Weapon show which actually gave me a chance to sneak in a nap but kids loved it and the parts I caught were fun.
(if the REAL Mel Gibson had been in it I bet I wouldnt have slept!! ;)) The funniest ride I saw there was the "Rodeo Stampede" ride which is cows that spin around real fast, I wont do the ride justice if I describe it here but it was the funniest thing I had ever seen! (the sign even reads "2 riders per cow" which in itself cracked me up again, I am easily entertained)
We had to leave park by 7pm to get back to show grounds, but in that time managed to ride everything we wanted to (except for Viper - damn)
Nitro and Medusa stole my Raptor-lovin heart and all in all I was very impressed with the park (except for the prices) it was clean, well maintained, friendly and the ride lines seemed to be moving right along. I also liked the fact that several of the ride ops were more along my age. We were blessed by a not too busy day. Could our luck last?
Next stop? Dorney Park! (after taking a day off to do the horse show)

2000 Raptor Crew
2001 Raptor Crew
Po!nter Girl-FOREVER! :)
When the floor's gone, so are you-see you back here in 2 32!

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