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Worlds of Fun - August 16th, 2008

We planned on waking up at 8:00 am to leave Granbury, Texas and head North. But, because we had too much to drink the night before and because Josh took too long to say his goodbyes to the girl he spent the night with, we didn't leave until around 8:45 or 9:00. In reality, it was probably my fault we did not leave on time. I was departing the greatest place I have ever resided; it was hard to say goodbye!

The trip began with a quick stop to Burger King. French toast sticks - yum! Before we knew it we were crossing the Texas-Oklahoma border. On the way we passed right by Frontier City, which is located right next to I-35. It really hurts to pass a park and not stop! It would have been interesting to take a spin on their Arrow shuttle loop, but we would not have made it to WoF for the evening. Kansas was a very beautiful but seemingly empty state to drive through. The only thing I really remember was that McDonald's seems to have a monopoly over rest-stops off the interstate.

Josh drove my car for the last three hours (his first time driving stick-shift - although he didn't tell me until we arrived at WoF!). We arrived at around 6:30 p.m. with plenty of time to ride the rides. Ryan and Josh used their Platinum Passes while I purchased some starlight action (baby!). Because I would spending my summer out of state, I gave my CP Platinum Pass voucher to someone who only went to CP twice - a feat that I easily could have accomplished during Halloweekends!

Anyways, we knew it was Coaster Mayhem night, so we thought it might be a little crowded. It wasn't. After inspecting the Prowler in the box at the front gate, we headed towards Africa. This section was easily distinguished from the rest of the areas of the park by the angry ape greeting guests near the train tracks! The egypt-like architecture was nice. Boomerang was our first coaster. Our wait was delayed by a woman who was pissed because her son was too short to ride. "He already rode earlier! - that's stupid!! Blah!" We finally got on and, to our surprise, this boomerang was actually enjoyable. We all agreed that, although it wasn't the best ride ever, it wasn't very rough and better than any boomerang we have ever been on.

We skipped the Nile rapids ride and headed to Mamba, which had a 20-minute wait. This was Josh's first Morgan hyper, since Steel Force was down during his trip to Dorney. Mamba was enjoyable for me, especially the turnaround with those headchoppers. It was pretty much the same experience as SF, smooth and airtime-y. Those big, stupid trains though...

We headed to Camp Snoopy to try to get on Wacky Worm with no success. Missed credit number three on our trip. Timberwolf was nearby. This was probably the surprise of our trip. We all enjoyed Timberwolf - a nice fun, smooth wooden roller coaster that gets better at nice. I also really appreciated the theming and atmosphere around the ride's station. This is a hard ride to photograph too...

Patriot was next. With a 20-minute wait, we got a few chances to snap some pics in line. The ride is really nice. I liked its placement on the hillside. It gave it a nice little terrain look. It looks very similar to Talon, but I found it more enjoyable. Not as forceful as the Batman clones, but it was nice to take a break from that layout!

Steel Dragons had the longest wait of the day. This ride turned out to be the best of the spinning rides we had been on during this trip. It seemed to spin a lot more than the others - a trait that is good during the ride but not at the end when the car isn't moving! I got off really dizzy but I still really enjoyed this ride. The dragon fountain was nice but it think it's weird that the path doesn't connect to it.

We got some food after the ride. Josh ate first. Ryan and I couldn't decide what to eat. When we finally decided, Josh finished and said he was going to the bathroom. We finished our food 15 minutes later and Josh was still not back. We checked the nearby bathrooms and he was not in there! He finally came walking back and we asked if he was OK. He said he had to go really bad. So went to ride Timberwolf again and these kids started making fun of Josh's Disaster Transport shirt. They said "Hey that WELCOME TO ALAKSA" kid is back! I realized that Josh hadn't gone to the bathroom! He had lied to go ride Timberwolf! Can you believe he lied?

We finished the night off with night rides on Viking Voyager, a nice log flume, and Detonator, a sad excuse for a launched tower. Worlds of Fun turned out to be a nice park. Their coaster collection is very strong. All of the coasters were enjoyable - no terribly boring or headbanging coasters! I would definitely take another visit there! WoF and SFStSL make a good combo! I urge everyone to consider checking them both out.

We left WoF happy and drove half of the way to SFStSL. We spent the night at a Motel Six in Columbia, MO. The neighborhood didn't seem bad but there were definitely some weirdos in the parking lot. I don't really recommend this motel. Josh felt more safe after double locking the doors, placing a chair in front of the door, and tying the comforter around the door handle. Don't ask me how that would stop anyone from getting in...

Should have found someone with a Coaster Mayhem laminate and you could have got your Worm credit. That's the only way you will ever get that credit if you do not already have it.

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