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Thursday, June 26, 2003 8:29 AM
If it takes you as long to read this as it did for me to write this your in for a year or two of reading about SFFT.

Anyway . . .

I was down visiting family in the San Antonio area, so we went to Fiesta Texas. On the first day I was with my sister and three cousins. My sister and I have season passes so we got in and two of my cousins work there so they got my third cousin in free.

Anyway . . .

Day 1

We started the day off with Boomerang. I have never ridden one of these before (and I know Vekoma made a lot of them so that is surprising) it was okay. It was pretty dull, but the loop backwards is cool. 6/10

Then we headed to the waterpark becuase this was the hottest day of the whole week that we were there. the ground was so hot that my feet blistered and hurt the rest of the day. We rode the Six chuter, the Texas Treehouse, Whitewater canyon, and took a dip in the Lone Star Lagoon. Overall: 7/10

My sister and I were confused as to why we didn't just ride the rides. We went to Schlitterbahn the day before so we were sick of water.

We realized why we spent so much time in the waterpark when we got to Rattler. It was a walk on! A walk on! It certainly was not my favorite coaster. It was so bumpy! and that helix! Up and down and up and down and up and down and what the heck was the designer thinking! 5/10

We sat down for lunch at the Whistle stop. while my sister and I ate my cousins rode the Wagon wheel. I don't like this type of ride myself. afterwards, we got some Dippin' Dots and headed to the Gully Washer.

The gully washer is your basic rapids ride. Nothing special, I didn't even get wet! 6/10

Our next stop was everyone's favorite coaster at Fiesta Texas . . .Superman: Krypton Coaster. (I thought it was a dumb name, but hey, that's just me) I loved this ride! And it was my first time on a floorless. Plus it was a walk on! Amazing! Great ride. 9/10

Another first for me was Der Twister. (This was in the German Section "Spassburg". Der is basically "the". The twister) it was a top spin ride and i found it fun but it wasn't the best. 7/10.

It was so freaking hot! we decided to go on Bug's White Water rapids. This ride is so well themed! I was amazed! The whole story of the quest for the singing sward becuase of that one Bugs bunny cartoon! and the squirting dragon is great! and I got really wet on this ride. Some of which was because my cousin was splashing me! 8/10.

Next up was Rockville! This area is so well themed! and if you pay attention and read everything you find out the the rides are theming as well. Because everyyear at Rockville they have the Rockville they have the Rock and Spin Festaval. and this is it! Scream, Poltergeist, power surge, Chaos, Hustler! They are all part of the Rock and Spin Festaval. I thought that was really cool.

Anyway the first thing we rode was Chaos. nothing spectacular. 4/10. Then we rode Power Surge. By Golly you get wet! and not just on the ride! On the Bridge! There was water squirting out of my shoes for the rest of the day!

The Hustler was closed and there was a long line for Scream so we headed to Poltergeist. There is only one way to describe this ride. WHOA. That lauch is amazing. I started to fly out of my seat! The rest of the ride was cool too. and the ride op was cruel! He said to us . . ."Okay, all clear. Lauching in five, Four, Three" And then he launched us! I was ready to wring his neck! but it was fun anyway. 8/10.

There was only one section left. The Fiesta Bay Boardwalk! Home to the extreme flat rides. We decided to Hit Ghostblasters! This surprised me! This is a really fun ride. My best score was 1290. we went on it three times and two of the times my fright light Malfunctioned and wouldn't work right. for those I got 1130 and 1260. Although it wasn't a coaster this was probably my second favorite ride there. 9/10.

Then was Frisbee. Talk about disorienting. Your spinning and going up and down and changing directions and oy! But it was fun. 7/10.

It was almost time for us to leave so we went back up to superman and rode it again. 9/10

All over my day was 9/10. Only nine becuase i forgot one detail . . . while waiting in line for Superman a kid barfed, gross! They tested the trains and then cleaned off the train so that added about 15 minutes to the wait.

This park was so well themed! I think if they ever came to visit us in Chicago and we went to Great America they would look around and say "Where is the themeing?" not to insult GAm but to complement SFFT.

On day 2 we basically reapeated everything and did Road Runner. I didn't really like road runner. But it was well themed. 4/10.

So anyway thanks for reading. But I have a question. Why do they have cookies and cream Dippin' Dots down there but not at GAm? just wondering.

Don't you think he knows, you know, he knows, you know, you know? Or not. I'll be under a rock if you need me.

Thursday, June 26, 2003 9:00 AM
Okay, so you gave your day at the park a 9/10 because a kid barfed, they cleaned and tested the train and that added 15 minutes to the wait? This was your day and not a rating of the park or the operations correct?

Going next week, thanks for the report. This will be my third Six Flags. SFA is my homepark and SFOT will be the second one with SFFT being my third.

Thursday, June 26, 2003 9:23 AM
Nice trip report. SF FT was my very first SF park back in 1999 (back when SF pumped money into this park and when the Rattler was still the World's Tallest). I still consider Superman:KC to be the best Floorless coaster I have ridden due to the closeness of the rock quarry and original layout (not being a clone or themed only by a parking lot). Glad you had fun.

When was the last time you drove 251 km/h (156 mph)?

Thursday, June 26, 2003 10:11 AM
I've been meaning to write a TR from Geek Day at the Park, but if you have a chance to hit this park, go. They take great advantage of their setting in the quarry, and the themeing of each park area/ride is very well done. Not in the same league as Disney of course, but very cool nevertheless. The shows are also very very good; it's not for nothin' that they've won Golden Tickets for their shows.

Finally, the mock German beergarden serves at prices you might find in any mid-tier bar; $10 pitchers of Shiner Bock!



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