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Saturday, June 1, 2002 5:41 PM

As promised in my SeaWorld TR, I have finally written a TR for my day at SFFT. We (me and three of my friends) arrived at the park about an hour after it opened.

The line at the ticket booths were long, but since I was with a group I already had my ticket (they also gave us an armband). It was in the upper 80's (something I am used to in Alabama) but it was VERY humid. We quickly stoped and I got a bottle of water. After that we went into Six Flags Mercado to see if they had any maps. They did. It was off to S:KC!

We looked at the map and started walking to S:KC. after passing Bug's White Water Rapids, I noticed a blue building with a floorless car outside. We looked in and figured it was S:KC's line.

Superman:Krypton Coaster: 9.3-Wow, my first floorless coaster. There was absolutely no themeing (Almost everything else in the park is themed but this was in Spassburg, a German themed town. I thought Superman was from America, but oh well;) ). We did not want to wait for the front, so we got in the middle. (15 minute wait with 3 trains.) The crew was not moving up to par. We were off! The airtime I got on the front drop was very unexpected! Then The hang-time in the loop was a cool feeling. The little helix on the cliff felt very out of place. The zero-g roll was my first and wow, t have I been missing out! The cobra roll was also a first, and was awesome!. The MCBR did not slow us down too much, and the corkscrews were fun. When we got to the brakes, anothe train was going up the lift. One of my friends who does not like coasters loved this ride, as did I.

We got off the ride and walked to the front to see if Poltergiest was open (it had been open the weekend before with one new train, from what I heard, but it was closed. I suggested we take the train around the park to look around.

We got off the train and grabbed something to eat, but then got in line for Roadrunner Express, an Arrow mine train.

RREx-6.7- The themeing on this ride was pretty cool. They kept it to a minimum, but it was cool. We waited for about 10 minutes then got on the train. The announcer dude sounded like someone from Looney Tunes (not in real life, but when he was announcing he did. The G's from the turn of the first lift under the Rattler were cool. I think the ride would be a little better without the second lift, but oh well. The exit path was LONG.

We left that and headed twords Rattler.

Rattler -1million!! - Tear this thing down!! There were 3 trains running, but I still wasted an hour waiting for this. It was so rough I had to put my hands down! Bad ride.

We went back to Superman (around 3) and the wait was very long. My best friend and I wanted to wait for the front row, which added to the wait. There were some people in our group about three roes in the que aftre us, and they got on the train before us! The crew was bad. The third train would be on the brakes for about a minute, minute and a half and then it would move up and be there about 4 minutes! Front row was awesome! It was totally better than the middle. Both me and my friend wanted an On-ride photo. The lady doing Superman's photos was doing GreatWhite's at SeaWorld the day before! She remembered us also. She said I really stood out in her mind, but she remembered my friend also.

We re-joined our group. I got a Coke and a Superman:KC shirt and we headed off to Boomerang, or so I thought. My friends wanted to do Bug's White Water Rapids and the line was pretty long. After about 15 minutes of steadily moving in the line, it stopped. After a few minutes we learned one of the logs had to be removed. A lot of people had left, so the line moved quickly. I must say this is one awesome log ride! The themeing is greeat!

The whole reason we were in SanAntonio was to be in a band compitition and the awards were in the park. We cought the show in the theatre, and I know why this park is always getting the Golden Ticket for Beat Theme Park Shows. After the awards were over (7:10 and the park closed at 8) we RAN to ride the coaster we had not ridden that day, Boomerang

Boomerang 8.0- Having never experienced a boomerang befor, I was excited. The wait was about 10 minutes. This ride was SMOOTH. It is an awesome ride. I want to know what all of you Boomerang haters hate about them.

We shopped until we left. We left SanAntonio (Fiesta was going on) About 11:15 p.m. for the 14 hour trip back to Alabama. Right now we are considering going to USF and IOA around Christmas, so I have my fingers croaaed. Photos can be found at http://photos.yahoo.com/six_flags2002 .


Sunday, June 2, 2002 2:46 PM
Yes Boomerangs are aweomse! Great TR!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

Sunday, June 2, 2002 11:17 PM
So there's no themeing on Krypton Coaster, huh? Apparently you seemed to have missed a very large Superman with a cape blowing in the wind, on the top of that impossible to miss vertical loop. You also have to understand that all boomerangs are not like the one at FT. Coast to Coaster has the new Vekoma trains with a headrest that cradles your head, unless your petite or small, and then it just sucks just like every other boomerang.
Try the themepark diet now! Just walk vigorously around large parks for a week. "It really works!", says I-Fan who lost 1 inch off his waist in a week while in Texas.
Sunday, June 2, 2002 11:31 PM

Intamin fan..if you think that is themeing, you reaaaaaaaaaaally need to go to a florida park :)

No offense of course..but..that ride isnt exactly themed...especially to the extent of the rest of the wonderful park.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2002 9:15 AM
Yes, the park is wonderful and even with the crowds it was a lot better than I expected (themeing...way to go Six Flags!)

SiX FlAgS FiEsTa TeXaS was great!


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