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Saturday, March 13, 2004 11:08 PM
I'd like to let you know that I went to SFFT today. Although it was raining most of day, all the rides were open, with the exseption of Wipeout, of coarse. Rattler, Poltergeist, Superman, Road Runner, Boomerang, all open!
I have some picture of Tornado, that thing is so huge!
I'll post them when I get home, I am at a friends soon.
The picture will kinda small because I used my friend's Camera Phone to take the pics, if I can I will blow them up before I post them, if they are not to blurry.
Anyways, I only got to stay a few hours, because of many delays of getting there. Rattler's helix is now MUCH faster! Not slow and boring anymore!
Superman is always fun in the rain.
Boomerang, I didn't find time to ride, same with Road Runner.
Scream was fun, I got pics on a regular camera at the top.
Poltergeist, OMG! Very fun in the rain!
The funniest thing happend tho...
While my friend and I were in the Candy Storm sotre in Rockville, there was a 2003 park map! So all of use coaster enthousiast can see the difference. Unfortinetly, it got wet! So now, it is drying.
Surprisingly, you'd never know it was raining by looking at the crowd. Before 4, the park seemed full, then... it was Idle. Nobody was there! Unfortinet ly we chose to go on the Ferris Wheel... Crow's Nest
Never, I mean NEVER go on the feris wheel, it takes FOREVER!
I wanted to ride Frisbee, but has to go.
At the begging of the day my friend got her season pass, and later I got mine too!
I never had a season pass before, I can't wait to go back next week! HAHA!
Post pics soon, both reg cam. and pic. phone. Look out for them!
Also, why -i-s- HAS Wipeout been closed for at least from my memory, 2 years?
Sunday, March 14, 2004 1:11 PM
From what I read in another SFFT TR about Wipeout being closed it's due to a damaged part that the manufacturer no longer produces so the ride is now useless & will eventually be scrapped.

Was SFFT's Wipeout made by Chance-Morgan? if it was I don't see why they would stop making replacement parts for it when they've got hundreds of those rides scattered across the country that sooner or later will need replacement components.


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