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Tuesday, October 15, 2002 9:02 PM
We made our final trip to SFFT for the year this past Saturday. We still plan on a couple more trips to SFoT, but this was the last to Fiesta.

Started the day with S:KC. The line was very short, just outside the station. Figuring we would make multiple rides we just grabbed the shortest line, 7th row. A good ride still, but not the excitement this coaster usually gives. We returned to end our day on this coaster, which has become my #2 all time, and decided to do a back row and a front row experience. Back row was OK, but the front was awesome. This is one of the strange coasters that seems even more forceful on the front. The camelback twist on the front is absolutely incredible. I could ride this coaster over and over it is just so smooth and exciting.

After our early experience we went over to the Boardwalk and did a twirl on Frisbee, I'm not able to handle spin 'n' pukes all that well but I really love this ride. I just make sure to focus on something not moving. After Frisbee we decided to try Scooby Doo's Haunted Mansion. I've had the urge to try this ride all season, but I've always been a little embarassed, us being in our mid-20s with no children. We decided to enter the queue of families and try to blend in. It was a good time. I tripled my wife's score, which prompted her to ask the ride op at the unloading station if she was terrible (in other words) he replied "pretty much, but I have seen worse."

That kind of put a dent in her self esteem, but I decided to take her over to the log flume to cool her temper. Longest line in the park, but actually worth it. This is a fun log flume, and I just got soaked. The splashing didn't get me at all, but the dragon water shoot, and the RC Boats just nailed me direct hit. It was great though to be cooled off from the Texas heat.

After the flume it was off to Poltergeist. Now one would think that this ride would lend itself to extensive Fright Fest theming, being that it is themed after a haunted house. There was not a bit of Fright Fest decoration in the queue or station, though the rest of the park was decently decorated. That said the ride was still fun, though there was only one train (purple) on site leading to a longer wait. The line was still very moderate with only a 30 minute wait. I guess the other train has already been taken for off season maintenance. After Polty we headed for Chaos to find that it was closed for the season. Passing that way I was shocked that deconstruction still has not begun on Joker's Revenge, though the station house was being used for the Brutal Planet Halloween Attraction. I was hoping to see some progress in the removal of this ride, to give me hopes for a replacement next year.

Next we went over to Roadrunner Express, which was a walk-on, and had a fun ride. We decided to skip the Rattler having realized that it has never been fun in the past and wasn't likely to change our minds this day. I decided to oblige my wife and ride the Wagon Wheel, which luckly did not upset my stomach. After that we went and got our above mentioned rerides on S:KC and called it a day.

This park as usual was clean, and as far as theming goes a step above the normal SF park. I really hope that a couple more coasters are added to this park in the future as it has great potential, and an already impressive flat ride collection. A replacement for JR and maybe one other coaster would be enough to make this by far my choice for best park in Texas.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002 5:33 AM

Good TR its nice to see a SFFT TR because I haven't read one since about May when Poltergeist opened with the retrofit. On another note I don't know much about the park exept its in a ravine and I know what coasters they have but just because JR is closed doesn't mean its getting removed. SFGAdv ( my home park ) had Viper SBNO for 2 seasons and it opened back up.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002 11:47 AM
I was one of the Coaster Zombies who went to Texas in May, and we loved Fiesta Texas. I agree the themeing is above average for a Six Flags park. Now if they could only fix that horrible mess called Rattler.
If you want expensive rides, you're going to pay for them, in one way or another.
Wednesday, October 16, 2002 8:37 PM
I believe that Rattler is beyond help. It is a once a year experience for us, just to make sure it hasn't gotten better. It is just not enjoyable at all, and I can find plenty of enjoyment on Texas Giant, which can be rough itself. The Rattler is dull and rough, a bad combination.
Wednesday, October 16, 2002 8:56 PM

I think Rattler's mostly fun, with just the helix being a little dull. As usual, don't sit on top of an axl, just sit in the odd numbered rows and it won't be too jarring (same applies for TX Giant).

As for Joker, well, latest word is it's not coming out and will probably operate next year. Kind of a shame, its definitely my least favorite steel coaster in the state.


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