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It feels like I'm at SFWOA Jr. is how I can describe my day as Elitch Gardens.

I just recently moved from Columbus, OH out here to the front range of the Rockies. So a huge drop off in coasters but a huge gain in aesthetics in general. Anyway, I recently one a pair of tix to SFEG on the radio and my wife and I headed out Sat. morning to give it a go. Seeing as how it was free I wasn't upset with my day, but I would have been if I had paid full price.

Before we get there I know what they have to offer as far as coasters go and I know some of the flats that they offer, so there wasn't going to be much of a surprise. I was looking forward to Twister 2 and was eager to try out TFC. Other than that, no big surprises.

So we get in and head for Minderaser, your typical SLC. Hardly any line and we're in the front row after about a 8 train wait (they were running both trains, so that was nice). I enjoy SLC's when I get a front row ride. I find it less jarring when you can see what's coming and prepare for it. For the 2 SLC's I've ridden it was my best ride ever on one. Good start.

Since we were right there we hit the Batwing. Never seen one of these things before. Nice peaceful ride.

Since we started this way we continued around that side of the park. Next up the 2nd generation Intamin drop tower. about a 15 minute wait and a good ride. I definately love the Intamin's compaired to the S&S towers. I like the constant acceleration all the way to the brakes. Freaky.

Boomerang had a huge line so we decided to hit it later and continue on. Next up we hit the swinging ship and the Rainbow. Been on tons of both and nothing exciting here. Next onto the Topspin.

Between the time we got in line for the Rainbow and the 2 cycles we had to wait through to get our ride the Topspin went down. The didn't know when it would be open again. So onto Twister 2.

Get in line and they are running one train. Wait for about 45 minutes and get all the way to 2 trains until our ride. They then decide to put on the 2nd train. All right, that sounds good. But after putting on the 2nd train they noticed a problem with the brakes. So they tinker with it for a while and tell us it'll only be a few minutes. 30 minutes go by when they tell us that they need to replace a part and it'll be another 30 minutes. So we leave that ride and head for Boomerang, which was also down. So time to move onto the other side of the park.

First up was TFC. This is a ride that I will only ride once a visit. My wife loved it but I was in pain. Maybe I scooted too far into the harness but my shoulders hurt around every turn. On top of that, my throat took some pretty good whacks. Cool layout, but the trains just plain suck. Like I said, once a visit tops.

Next onto Sidewinder. Wait for about 10 minutes and notice that the drop tower was not running and Twister 2 also still not running. 30 minutes, yeah right! Get a good ride on Sidewinder, my first Arrow shuttle loop. Think I prefer Anton's version, but it was the first airtime I had on a coaster this day so that was a bonus.

Time for grub and while eating we notice that the Topspin was running. Get in line and while in line Twister opened as well. Got a good spin on the Topspin and headed for Twister.

About a 30 minute wait and we finally get to ride. A fun twister but was lacking any airtime at all. My favorite ride in the park, but not in my top 10 woodies. That says a lot for SFEG.

So why did my day stink. For basically every ride except Minderaser, Sidewinder and TFC the ride-ops moved in super slow motion and could care less. Much like the attitude I've seen at SFWoA. And then them not being able to get everything up and running as pretty pathetic. It's not like they have all that many rides. So we left early after hitting a few more flats and that was our day.

After I got home I realised that Twister 2 was my 100th coaster. Yee-ha. But since I'm living out here now, you'll find me at Lakeside more often then SFEG.

The ride ops in Kiddieland are the best! :)

At least they finally got TFC up again, I thought it was down for the rest of the season but I guess not. Hopefully your next visit will be better.

"Here's my ten cence, my two cence is free"-Eminem

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Hey, Columbus has aesthetic value! There's.... well, the sky is pretty sometimes! And we even have a mountain, if you count the landfill! ;) ;)

A day is a drop of water in the ocean of eternity. A week is seven drops.


Welcome to Denver, as someone who moved here from Columbus a couple of years ago, I can understand your pain. Lakeside definitely has more character than SFEG. Keep in mind though, ski and snowboard season starts in less than a month, at least I always look forward to it.

Also, if you are a Buckeye fan, the alumni club gets together at Croc's for every game. Good time there, but make sure to either make reservations or plan on standing for the game.


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Hey Mike! Here's hoping all is well.:) Nice TR.

I have to thank you for making me ride TTD at CP that morning, because as you know, after it broke down that afternoon, it was out of commish for quite some time. And that TR will be posted before the year is out.;)

So long Stealth, don't forget to write...

First off, Den, I'm not trying to diss C-bus in any way. I really had a great time while I lived there. Good people, good times. But I can see the mountains while lying in bed. Now that is sweet! I do already miss the access to several great parks. But my in-laws live 45 minutes from CP. So I know I'll get back there regularly.

coaster Kevin, I actually live in Longmont which is 30 miles north of Denver. I take it you are a Buckeye fan? I've heard that Croc's is a good place to catch the games. My wife and I plan to head down there for the Michigan game. For the others a 6 pack and my couch will do just fine. My e-mail is m_gerfen@gateway.net if you want to get together for some college ball or coastering. Feel free to contact me.

Robo, I also have to thank myself for that ride on TTD. I made it to CP a few weeks later with my whole family and it was down. So I was glad that we got those 2 rides in. You still in stumptown or have you moved? I remember you saying something about moving in another thread. But everything is good out here, now if I can only find a job.

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Moving to Vegas in Jan or Feb of next year, just in time for Solace.

I feel bad for those who weren't able to ride TTD this year, but have to say, we didn't get enough rides in on it.:)

Robo-waiting to see Ethyl rock the house Mon night!

Slightly off topic but wanted to give rob a preemptive welcome and tell him its a great place to live.
I hope they kill that iron yuppie. Thinks he's so big. The great homer simspon

Incidentalist said:
coaster Kevin, I actually live in Longmont which is 30 miles north of Denver.

Longmont? I'm in Boulder, so I thought I'd say hello! :)

I guess I'll say hello, right back. I really like Boulder, it's just too expensive, especially when I'm still looking for work.
I go to school in Boulder. But I live in a place better than anywhere else. How do I know? It's called Superior :)

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