SFEG 6/17/02

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After waiting thirty minutes to get my friends' passes processed, I decided that I should get my pass picture retaken so the people could tell it was me. This time, though, my face has a nice white line through it and so does the barcode! Well, we got into the park at about 11:30 and I have never seen a bag checker so worried! They opened up my friends bag before his mom had the chance to say he was diabetic. I don't think needles are what they usually see in a kid his age's bag. They should also actually check what's in a Cammelback because my other friend had one and they didn't bother to check it at all.

First ride was the carosel! Not much to say about the joyfull horse race. Next up, Chaos which had no line and seemed to be running slower, yet was still pretty fun. Once off that chaotic ride, we wandered around the park only to plump ourselves in the line for The Flying Coaster. About a thirty minute wait for a ride that seems not to be worth much. The heat had pretty much caught up with us, so we decided it was time for a water ride. Disaster Canyon got me the wettest it ever has. This was probably because all the waterfalls and sprayers were on. Soaking wet, we squeeked over to get some frys by Boomerang and meet up with my friends' mom and three sisters. The frys were the problem of the day. They tasted great but had bad results. After filling ourselves up, all of us headed to Rainbow for a joyfull spin. We split up again because some wanted to go to the waterpark while two of them wanted to go on Twister II. I was in no moood to wait in a slow line so I went with the group heading to the waterpark.

There was no line for the swings, so we decided it would be fun. About halfway through, my friend lost his shoe and then had a nice long puke onto the bushes below. Pretty funny to see him puke on such a gentle ride. Well, he found his shoe and we headed to the waterpark. First up in the waterpark, we waited for Swiss Family Tabogan. Fun, but more fun with heavy people. Next, we slid down the great tube slides. We spent some quality time in the wavepool before deciding that we should head back to the main park. We completely split up again and decided that it would be fun to slip a ride on the classic Thunder Bolt. My friend didn't puke, so we thought we were safe for the rest of the day. He sat out and watched us on Hollywood & Vine, I think that's the name, and The Tilt. After that, we went on the exciting and extremely crazy ferris wheel. It was fun to yell at the kids in the next gondola. We met up with the rest of their family and went on the teacups. When the ride had just stopped, my puking friend said, "I'm going to go over to the bushes and puke." Before he could get out, though, it was all over the teacup and me. After that experience, we were all ready to go home.


Was the kid that puked on the tea cups the kid that already did it once? If so, you asked for it by going on the tea cups with him. But it sounds like you had a ok day.
Yeah, it was, but I know it was the fries because I had an upset stomach and almost puked myself after I got home.

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving's not for you.

After hearing that story, I'm glad yesterday was my day off. :) And yes, the Breakdance is called Hollywood and Vine, it was so much better when it was the Paradise.
Great TR! Certainly Puke City!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

what was Flying Coaster like, you said it wasn't worth it but what was good about it?

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind.
Elijah Rock.
Is it written in the stars?
La Vie Boheme!!!

The good thing about TFC is that you always have a front row seat.

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