SFEG - 5/25/02

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Started out my abbreviated day at the park at 11:00 and made a bee-line to TFC. Only to be told that it was down due a sensor breaking on the ride on Friday. They did not expect it to open on Saturday -BUMMER (side note, it was still closed as of today, Monday - I made a side stop by the park on the way to the airport hoping to ride it) -5 stars

Next up was a bit of exercise as I hiked up 47 feet to the top of Sidewinder. Fun old ride, not too thrilling but i liked it for what it was. 3 stars

Next up, I went and did Boomerang...a standard Vekoma...a little headbanging but not too bad. 3 stars

I then headed over to Mind Eraser, fully prepared to hate this Vekoma 2-across suspended looper. I had a great ride in the front row on this, I found it to be smooth and fast. 4 stars

Last up on my short visit, was Twister II. I liked this woodie, and would have given it four stars but it gets docked one star due to it's one train operation. 3 stars

All in all, other than the major bummer of TFC being down, I had a good trip to the park. I found it to be clean and well operated with friendly and polite employees. 2.5 stars (docked one star for TFC being down)

Posting, "Me too" like some brain dead AOLer. I ought to to the world a favor, and cap you like old yeller...

Glad you seemed to have a good day. If you rode Sidewinder in teh afternoon after about 4:00, then I was the guy who was in the booth on the opposite side. Sorry about TFC, but it is a prototype and it hasn't been working too well. Other than that, hope to see you again soon if you are in town again!

"Attention all Time Travel Commitee Members; the reasearch and development meeting will take place last friday at O-Three-Hundred hours. Do not be late."

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