Monday, August 14, 2000 1:24 PM
Im planning on taking a trip september 1st to a nearby park I have not yet been to.

Im terms of PARK QUALITY(cleanliness, employees, landscaping, and food), not coasters, which is the most enjoyable all around experience?
Monday, August 14, 2000 1:33 PM
BGW is sweet.
PKI is pretty good.
SFDL is ok only because there is not a lot of coasters, and it is a Six Flags.
My suggestion: If you wanna ride alot of different coasters, go to PKI. If you want some beautiful scenery and 5 sweet coasters go to BGW. I have been to both and they are both great.(Been to SFDL too. Ever since they took down the indoor ride, it isn't nearly as good!!!)

Monday, August 14, 2000 6:28 PM

I have been to King's Island and Busch Gardens this year, BG is better. Williamsburgh is a very nice town, too.
48.6mi. - CP
27.2mi. - SFO
3 MF rides:
3-2, 5-1, 9-2
Monday, August 14, 2000 6:59 PM
Millennium Force

I see you live in PA. Did you ever go to Knoebels? Out of all the parks I've been to It's still one of my favorites. IMO Knoebels is in a class of it's own.
If going with the three parks you listed I'd hit BGW. I was to PKI and BGW this year. never to SFDL though. BGW is great for all the themeing and the coasters are great too, although they lack a woodie.

Parks hit for 2000!
Monday, August 14, 2000 11:24 PM

Coasterpunk, I love how you're always hyping Knoebel's. Between the two of us someone else might actually go there.

As for picking between PKI, BGW, and SFDL, I've been to all three in the last 13 months, and to me the easy answer is BGW. It's reknowned for its cleanliness and food, and always wins every poll for best landscaping - it's quite beautiful. It ranks up there with CP, IOA, Kennywood, and Knoebel's (hey - there's that name again) as the best of the parks in North America. (Although I was just at Darien Lake on Saturday, and that Superman is one hell of a coaster ... if there's a better night ride on the planet I haven't been on it ...).
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Tuesday, August 15, 2000 7:34 AM
PKI its the best park I have ever been to. They also have the best rides out if the 3 that you are thinking about going to. Theres nothing like riding the beast 4 times in 1 day. It has the shortest lines and it is the least crowded out of the 3. It also has plenty of places to eat all around the park. Its also the place to go if you love woodies. PKI delivers awesome service to its guests. If smaller kids are going theres hanna barbara land witch is almost 1/2 of the park and it has a ton of rides for little ones. my brother and sistrer are in heaven whenever they go lol.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000 8:17 AM
BGW is without questions the best of the three (I'm convinced son of beast has never been there). The food is ranked among the best in the nation, the terrain and landscaping is the most beautiful I've ever seen, and all five coasters are world class. There is no cheeseball theme, everything looks great with regards to the countries they theme with.

SFDL is an OK park, with Superman being the lone reason to go there. PKI has become a shadow of its former self. Constant ride closures, bad food, poor capacity and lazy ride ops make it a big disappointment for me every time I go there.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2000 10:07 AM
I see. Well what about Knoebels? I've heard a little about that park, I know they have 2 fantastic woodies, but thats the limit of my knowledge.

For now, it looks like I may end up going to BGW.
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 5:06 PM
I have been to all 3 parks and I beleive that PKI beats the other 2 in evrything.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000 5:43 PM
you have, son of beast. What ride at KingsIsland can you compare to Apollo Chariots at BushGardens?
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 5:56 PM
I do not think that is a is a fair question seing how SOB is better The Beast is better Vortex is better and Outer Limits is better so, the only ride that I think Apallos slug can compare to is hummmmmm, I think that The Beastie has finaly met its match. Im not trying to start a fight im just trying to defend myself.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2000 6:23 PM
BGW-Iwas just there a couple of months ago.
It's a nice park that wasn't really crowded when I was there for a weekend trip.I thought that was great compared to PKD which was way to crowded.
If you do go to this park you've gotta check out the Falcons&Fables show and expect to walk up and down alot of hills if you plan on seeing all the attractions.
PKI-What can I say it's my favorite park.
All the times that I've been there I've always had fun with no problems experienced.
SFDL-Sorry to say I don't think I've ever been to this park.
Whichever park you choose I really hope you have fun.:)
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 6:40 PM
Ok here's the quick run down of Knoebels:
1. Twister (twister wood)
2. Phoenix (double out and back)
3. High Speed Thrill Coaster (best kiddie coaster around)
4. Whirlwind (Vekoma double crorscrew)
Flat rides:
1. Flyers (flying scooters run at full speed)
2. Bumper Cars (Lusse Auto Scooters best around)
3. Power Surge (cool spin and hurl)
4. Satelite (rollo o planes)
5. Whip
6. Tilt a Whirl
7. Cosmotron (indoor music express)
8. Grand Carousel (you can still catch rings)
9. Galleon (swing ship)
10. Antique Cars
11. Swings
12. Paratroopers.
13. Tea Cups
14-15. 2 different train rides
16. 1001 Nights (rainbow like ride)
17. Balloon Race
18. Giant Wheel
19. Roto Jets
20. Motor Boats
21. Haunted Mansion (classic dark ride best anywhere)
22. Log Flume
23. Skloosh (shoot the cutes splash ride)
24. tons of kiddie rides too
many places to get food. All I have found to be great. Knoebels won best park food this year. I forget who did the poll though.
pay one price $20 no wood coasters
$25 with coasters
Or pay per ride. The most expensive is Twister and it's $2 the Phoenix is $1.50 Average ride is between $.70 an $1.00
Haunted Mansion is not included in hand stamps but well worth the $1 fee for at least 2 rides one on each side of the car, "Trust Me".
Durring the week they have the handstamp but weekend is pay per ride. Wednsdays and Friday nights are bagrin nights from 6 till 10 ride everything "except the woodies for $6. I always do Flyer and Bumper Car marathons those days. :)
To give you an idea of location Knoebels here is time from other PA parks.
Hershey 1 hr 15 minutes
Dorney 1 hr 30 minutes
Kennywood 4 hr
They have a website too but is rotten compared to the park
Tuesday, August 15, 2000 7:34 PM
BGW is a must visit if you've never been there. It has been voted the cleanest, best landscaped, etc. several times. It is also the only park I know of that will stop admitting guest once the park is crowded, excluding seson pass holders of course. This typically only happens on Saturdays in July though. Can't remember if they are this season, but last year they were open until midnight in July and a few Saturday's in August.
Sunday, August 20, 2000 12:57 PM
Yes, BGW is quite amazing, I reccomend BGW the most.

SFDL is kept pretty clean, and they recently put in alot of flowers and stuff, not to mention Superman is to drool for...

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