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Monday, September 23, 2002 1:10 PM
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This summer I had a trip in May to SFDL, a July Trip to CP, and a trip to Niagara Falls and MFI in August along with two water parks. This has been a great close to a great season.

Yesterday I was in a rush to pick a friend to come but ended up bringing 2. This morning we went to church and got home at 8:15 and left and 8:30 to head out on our 2 hour trek from Syracuse. I picked up both of my friends, Nate and Pat and we were off. My dad and my 5 year old brother came along too.

In the car we watched the Mummy (I LOVE that movie!) and it lasted the entire boring middle of nowhere trip to a great park. On our car ride I was trying to convince my 5 year old brother to go on all 4 open coasters. You will read about which ones he goes on later in this TR.

Finally we come to the familiar Beeche's Restaurant where they have a big sign in the window saying "Only our restaurant guests can use our restrooms" because people from SFDL take a pit stop on the way home. Then we passed onto The old Antique Store before taking a right.

S:ROS was finally in sight and we turned and went through the parking booth where a friendly girl took our 7 dollars. Isn't it sad that the car has to pay almost the same price as admission to just sit on their dirt? Oh well I'll live.

We then quickly got out of the car and jogged to the entrance where my dad had an argument with the ticket seller about a coupon so he went to guest services and talked to them and wouldn't let him use it so we bought our tickets there.

Finally we got in the park, and used the restrooms. My dad had to go put Pat's sweatshirt back in the car so my brother Kevin went with him we'll me, Pat, and Nate went to S:ROS. We decided to skip over Predator and just get it line for S:ROS which had no queues filled up and a 1/2 full station. We immediately got on S:ROS in the second row. The first time I rode with Nate. Pat went on the train after ours.

Amazingly they were running 2 trains on S:ROS. We were cleared out of the station and up the lift hill. Its so quiet and I love the speed up it has. The drop really didn't do anything for me so I was kinda dissapointed. The rest of the ride was amazing with great air and g's. It was running a little slower than normal but ok.

We decided to ride S:ROS again. This time I was alone in the front row of the last car, my other 2 friends in the last row. Now the drop is AMAZING in the back seat. I loved it. Not to much ejector air but still great.

The line was down to the stairs so we decided to go and ride Predator. I rode in the back seat back row with Pat and Nate rode in the row in front of us. It was really bumpy at the bottom of the hills but the drop was great along with the airtime and laterals.

We decided to ride again. Although there was an empty station they made us reenter. One thing that was unusual, especially this time of year, they were running 2 trains. Unfortunataly they were stacked every time since they check seatbelts then drop the lapbars which they checked EXTREMELY quickly. We rode a second time in the 3rd car and it was a bit more smooth and very enjoyable. I reallly like Predator. Its not the best woodie but I think its descent.

Me, Nate, and Pat talked to my dad on the walkie talkie. They were over at Viper and decided to meet them there. When we got there we couldn't see them but boarded anyway. The train was about 1/3 fill and I entered the 3rd car with Nate. Pat rode alone. The ride was pretty smooth and I kept my head back and braced my self and I didn't hit my head on the OTSR once during the entire ride which makes it very enjoyable. This is a great Arrow Looper. Its not that big where it kills your head, but its not one of the short 3 inversion ones. A nice drop, boomerang, and corkscrew over the queue, along with a nice helix ending makes for a great ride.

As we exited Viper I saw my dad and my brother Kevin boarding. Kevin is just 48 inches. He went on Viper last May once and this was his second time today already because he went with my dad when we were on S:ROS and Predator. Even though there were empty seats the mean ride ops said we had to go around. Even with the moved exit near the Batman show, it would still take a LONG time and we wouldn't make it so we just waited for them to go. To have some fun my friends and I started talking to them on the walkie talkie when they were upside down and throughout the ride.

When they exited, I wanted Kevin to try Boomerang, but he said he wouldn't so we went to Predator. Pat and Nate opted out to see some hot girls dancing.

Predator would be Kevin's first woodie. He rode with my dad and I rode alone. Great ride as always. Kevin loved it too! The ride op finally let him on after staring at him and the height stick for about 30 seconds. Kevin was smart and tilted his head forward and the back up and he was tall enough and she let him on.

Kevin liked Predator a lot so he wanted to go with me. We sat in the middle of the train and had another great ride. He's a brave kid! He had his hands up almost the whole way.

I finally, after showing him all the S:ROS movies, convinced him to go on. We got in the relatively short S:ROS line and waited for the middle. We are about to get on. Kevin was with my dad and I was alone. A short and fat lady came over checked his height and said he wasn't tall enough, even though he really was. Both me and him were dissapointed. He had come that close and yet she had to ruin it.

I then rode S:ROS for the 3rd time and had the worst ride of my life. Not only did the ride op staple me but the whole time I was upset that my brother couldn't go on because that makes it fun.

Moving on with life, I convinced Kevin to try Boomerang. We walked over there, picking up Nate and Pat from the show, and got into the station. They didn't even check Kevin's height. I sat in the back by myself and Nate and Pat went together. A great ride. I don't know why everyone hates em. A little rougher than I remember but still fun.

My brother thought it was dizzying going backwards and decided not to go again. I went another 2 times. The g's in the loop are fantastic.

Kevin wanted to ride Viper with me so we headed back over there. Pat wanted to try Rock Climbing. My dad stayed with him and Nate and Kevin came on Viper with me. Kevin sat with me and Nate alone. We had another great ride and my brother loved it. Since my brother wanted to go again we got out and reentered the LONG line and got another fun ride.

We wanted to go on Twister so my brother stayed on the Pirate w/ my dad.

While waiting in line, we my friend noticed the "HUSS, GERMANY" sign on the ride. He then referred to it as the "NAZI" ride. NOT BEING RACIST JUST TELLIN YOU WHAT HAPPENED. We got on they lowered the restraints. Some kid next to me had pencils in his pocket (Why the hell would you need those at an amusement park?) so they had to raise it again. I'm like "Why are these so tight"? nates response "Because its a Nazi torture device thats why!" The ride was fun as usual and we had a great time.

We wanted to get cooled off so we checked to see if Shipwreck Falls was open. Well, earlier in the day it was up and running but now it was closed. The maitenance dudes were in the water checking the sensors. One boat was stuck at the top of the lift. Oh well...

We met my bro and dad at Predator. My brother and I sat in the front seat and Pat and Nate in the back. The ride was AWESOME everything was great. My brother loved it!

My dad took him on Predator twice and the Lasso while my friends and I rode S:ROS.

We waited 15 minutes for the front seat and it was well worth it. Either sit in the way front or way back to have an insane ride. I had to ride by myself but it was still cool. Unusually the mist was on and a TON of it. Great airtime, great g's, great drop = great ride.

We went again. I rode with Nate in the front seat. For some reason he decided to flick the camera off. Great ride!When we got off theres nate with his middle finger up on the TV screen. We rode once more and decided to just go in the 2nd row. Not as good as the front but still fun.

That was the end of a GREAT day at a GREAT park. We then got some fried dough and left.

Overall park review:

Superman:ROS :):):):):)

Viper :):):)

Boomerang :):)

Predator :):):):)

I love SFDL. Sure its not the biggest SF park but its great anyway. It has a great variety of rides and is a fun day trip.

Postive things?

2 train operation on all coasters (except boomerang)

My bro went on 3 coasters!

Somewhat fast ride ops

Short lines

Negative things?

Some rude ride ops

They need a new coaster

1/2 of the park was closed

Thanks for reading! Please post comments!

Its not attention deficit. I'm just ignoring you.

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Monday, September 23, 2002 3:35 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar Any comments/questions?

Its not attention deficit. I'm just ignoring you.

Friday, September 27, 2002 6:58 PM

Nice TR. I made my first trip report to SFDL,Sylvan Beach and Great Escape this summer and I got to ride all of the coasters. I had a great time and was blown away by SROS. They also have a very smooth SLC. SFDL's SROS is alot better then SFA's for some reason. I'm glad you had a good time at SFDL. By the way why didn't you ride Mind Eraser?

Saturday, September 28, 2002 6:39 PM
Great Tr! As you probably Know S:ROS is my favorite hyper. Not bad for a prototype Intamin hyper.

S:ROS is the grandaddy of all of the Intamin hypers.

I hope you enjoyed Viper it is a decent somewhat smooth arrow/huss.

Thursday, October 3, 2002 5:25 PM
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medusafanatic said:

By the way why didn't you ride Mind Eraser?

1/2 of the park was closed. I used to hate it but I rode it in May and loved it! It is really intense.

Its not attention deficit. I'm just ignoring you.


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