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Tuesday, August 14, 2001 10:25 AM
We arrived at the gate at around 11:00 and headed directly toward S:ROS. There was one train running. We waited for about an forty five minutes for the back seat. This was my friends first time on it. 10/10 this is my favorite ride that I’ve been on. We headed toward Predator and saw two trains running with a short line. We waited for the back seat this was also a first ride for my friend. I don’t know if this is because my friend and I are both above 6’4” but we were both in a lot of pain after this ride. 2/10. We went over to Boomerang and waited about 10 minutes for the back this was another first for him. I like this ride I didn’t feel much headbanging, going backwards is a lot of fun. 7/10. We walked over to Twister another first for my friend. We were the last people on and had to sit in different rows. 7/10 fun ride but it broke down right at the end about 10 feet in the air. We were stuck for about half an hour then we were lowered, but couldn’t leave because they couldn’t unlock everyone. Being tall both of us were in some pain walking off. We went on Viper next my friend had been on this ride before. 7/10 not bad. We went over to Mind Eraser, two trains running 5 minute wait. The ride seemed better compared to the last time I was there about a month ago. 7/10. We went into the water park and wanted to go in the wave pool for a little bit. They closed the water park down because it looked like lightning. It ended up sprinkling off and on for about half an hour. We walked over to subway to eat. We looked over at superman still one train running with another hour and a half wait so we decided to give Predator another try. We sat in the middle and it didn’t make much of a difference so we decided that was our last ride on Predator for the day. We walked over to Boomerang 5 minute wait in back. We went over to Mind Eraser and it seemed like the misters were broken because they were spraying a ton more than normal. Had a 5 minute wait for back. We decided to go one Superman again. Still one train running only an hour and 20 minute wait this time for back seat. We then went back on Boomerang another short wait. Went back over to Superman one hour and ten minute wait for back still one train. By now it was getting darker and went over to Boomerang for another ride. We walked by Viper and saw a line so we walked over to Mind Eraser and got 2 rides one in front, and one in back in 10 minutes. Walked back to Viper now a 2 minute wait. Headed over for our last ride, a night ride on Superman. An hour and 15 minutes for the front and it was a blast, the ride is that much better at night. My friend told me that he loves rollercoasters now and wants to ride as many as possible.

4 rides Superman
4 rides Mind Eraser
4 rides Boomerang
3 rides Viper
2 rides Predator
1 ride Twister
Tuesday, August 14, 2001 4:51 PM
Thanks for the TR--I will be visiting SFDL for the first time at the end of the month so your report was helpful. I wonder if Superman is just running one train all of the time due to the accident on the other Superman?

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