SFDL 6/7/04

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I just got back from SFDL. SMROS was running 1 train. The line was only 1/4th full. It took me an hour to get on. Although the seat belt wasn't a problem the belt that hooks on the T bar was, and the ride op said that he couldn't assist me. I am 6'2" tall I weigh 240 to 244lbs. I also ware a size 42" waist pant. After 4 trys and putting all my belongings in my socks. I was able to fasten the bels, but what an ordeal. I went back an hour later and trieed anotheer seat in the middle front and had the same problem, but I did get the T bar belt fasteneed. I feel they are profiling me because I noticed that they weree helping all the pretty girls on the train. If you are on the edge of wondering if you will fit empty all of your pockets it will probobly help. If only the T bar belt was just 1/4" longer it would help.

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