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Monday, May 27, 2002 3:23 PM

My friend and I made our first trip to SFDL for the year, arrived at around 11:00 and the parking lot was empty. This was my friend’s first visit to SFDL in years he said. We made our way to S:ROS, 1 train running but the line was at the top of the stairs into the station. We waited around 20-25 minutes for a seat in the back, good way to start off the year.

We then walked to see 1 train operation on Predator with a fairly long line so se decided to skip. We walked toward Boomerang waited 1 train, my friend and I both like this ride, we didn’t feel any head banging. We made our way to Viper, 2 trains were running and there were 13 people in the station. We got a decent ride a little head banging but not to bad. We went over to Mind Eraser, 1 train running so we had about a 25 minute wait. For me not a bad ride but my friend complained of hitting his ears, me I’m tall about 6’4" and I didn’t notice any head banging.

Back toward Superman now about a 45 minute wait still 1 train running, again a great ride. We decided to have some food and we both got some pizza, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. We then went to Predator, waited around 25 minutes. It was running a lot better then it was last year IMO, last year the ride was very rough but it wasn’t as bad this time. We walked by Superman, saw a longer line then decided to go back to Boomerang, another 1 train wait.

We walked over to Twister and got on that with no wait. We then continued our circle hitting Mind Eraser, Superman, and Predator a couple more times each. Then we got some more pizza and curly cheese fries. We then headed to Boomerang not 5 minutes after finishing eating. He wanted to hit twister I said I’ll let my stomach settle, so he went on. We went and rode Viper and he took a lap on Mind Eraser. My stomach wasn’t settled so he ate a cheeseburger and immediately rode Boomerang, while I sat it out. We then went to the arcade and spent about $5 each and by then my stomach was fine so we hit Viper, while going up the lift hill I noticed 2 trains running on Mind Eraser so after Viper we went over to it. Went into the station and walked right onto the 2nd row, we were hoping Superman would catch on and put another train but they didn’t.

We went over and decided we needed to hit Predator again, we waited maybe 10 minutes, very good ride best I had ever had on it. By now it was getting dark and we got in line for Superman. Waited about 45 minutes for the back, the ride is amazing at night. We then walked on to Boomerang and Viper, and as our train was leaving the station on Viper there was not a single person in there, but 2 trains were still running.

It was a good day for our first visit of the year, altogether I went on Superman 6 times, Predator 3 times, Boomerang 7 times, Viper 6 times, and Mind Eraser 3 times.

Monday, May 27, 2002 6:00 PM

I was there too read my tr. It was a great day at sfdl

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002 3:07 PM
Great TR! Can S:ROS only run 2 trains?

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Thursday, May 30, 2002 4:51 PM
Yes, because it only has 3 blocks. Anyhow there's no point in having three trains because of the fact that usually they can't even get one train out before the other has hit the brakes!

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