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Monday, May 17, 2004 6:37 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar Yesterday I headed out for the 2 hour drive to Darien Center NY. For my b-day I brought 4 of my friends to Darien Lake. I was upset Superman wasn't open, but I still had a great time. My friends dad went to public relations because he waited 20 minutes for one group ahead of him in the ticket line. He said "$8 for parking and no superman? This is bull****!" lol had to be there.

We got to the park 5 minutes after it opened at 10:30. We all walked to Predator. Predator, same old stuff, good airtime, bumpy but not rough, decent laterals, great ride. Throughout the day the wait for this was longer than any ride in the park. We had 4 people ahead of us but we waited about 20 minutes. The lapbars kept staying unlocked so a few rows were roped off.

After that I checked out Superman and took a few pictures. The yellow part of the lapbars are gone, but the bar is still there. Both trains were on the track. We headed over to boomerang. It was a walk on. Great ride as always. Smooth and I love going through the loop backwards, the g-forces feel great!

After Boomerang we headed over to Mind Eraser. My 7 year old brother just made the 52" height requirement and this was his first SLC, or coaster with your legs hangin for that matter. He loved it. There was one train operation and it was a walkon. The front row had no seats. The other train was sitting on the transfer with all seats attached. Why doesn't SF use that one?

We back tracked to Viper, fun ride as usual. It's one of my favorite arrow loopers because it's not to big, not to small, and the tunnel is fun. Walk on as always, 2 trains. I got some good front seat video footage.

After a few more rides (I honestly don't remember), it was 4:30 and we headed home. But on the way out my dad said we had to get our pictures taken because we upgraded to a season pass. Boy was I happy :) we now have a reason to go alot!, and I can to to SFNE in August for free!

My site sfdlinsider.250free.com is currently under construction, but I'll link the video in a little while.

Thanks for reading, I hope Superman opens soon :)


To show how SF employees aren't the brightest people in the world, there was a 250 lb. (at LEAST) women in front of us on predator. She could barely fit her butt into the seat, and the seatbelt was streched so far to fit her. The lapbar locked once, but was nearly straight up. Rather than getting new restraints for the men of steel, why can't they just train their ride ops right?

Also, on Boomerang, am I the only one that doesn't get any freefall sensation at all when it drops, I mean it's going down the hill for a few seconds but theres no freefall sensation at all. It's all about the loops. *** Edited 5/17/2004 10:40:37 PM UTC by Ride of Steel***


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