SFDL - June 25

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Well, talk about busy. Anyone who says this park is suffering from attendace hasn't been there in June yet. Today was the busiest I have EVER seen a park of its size. There on-site concert venue was featuring Tom Petty and The Black Crowes and had sold arounf 26,000 tickets with over half of them being park combo tickets. BTW, there concert venue looks great and the lineup is spectacular(Ozzfest, Warped Tour, Coldplay, 3 Doors Down/Staind, Eminem, and others). On to the park, EVERY ride in thr park had a wait and the water rides were ridiculous waits.

Superman: Ride of Steel

This is still my favorite Superman, the airtime on the third hill is just too damn good. The wait was about 90 mins. and the ops had the trains moving well with relatively no stacking.


Standard Vekoma Boomerand but with the newer, more stylish looking trains. The ride was really smooth but the wait wasn't worth it. About a 45 minute wait.


IMO one of the best Arrow loopers around. The layout is original and features a great tunnel at the end. Not really any headbanging but the trains aren't too comfortable. It was worth the hour wait.

Mind Eraser

Another Vekoma SLC, not as rough as PCW OR GL's versions and delivers an intense little ride. I still prefer these to the Batman's at other SF'S. Another hour wait.


This coaster was runnign pretty good today, I rode in the very back and had a not so rough experience. The air in the last 2 hills is great and the double dip at the end is cool. About a 50 min wait.

After we finished the coasters we tried there great flat ride collection. Their Huss Top Sin, Twister runs a great program and pretty long too. The UFO and Ranger where also some great Huss flats that are hard to find gems.

The waterpark we skipped due to the crowds, the Tornado had a 1.5 hour wait and all the water slides had 45 minute waits. BTW, there lifeguards there really impressed me during their drills that we saw them doing. They had a very real scenario at their wave pool and everyone reacted great. Being an EMT I noticed they hit everything to a tee and had great communication. Very impressive for a group of young adults. I alos noticed during our time in the Hooks Lagoon play structure there numerous "audits" they did on guards, placing dummies and "red balls" were great. Do all Six Flags parks test their lifeguards this intensely? It really made me feel safe knowing how well I saw these guards react. Also, one of the employees down there was very chatty about their future plans for the waterpark which was nice(check other SFDL TR for info).

The Laserlight show they have to finish the night was great and blows CP's out of the water. CP's looks outdated and plays vry generic, boring music while this one used a lot more pyro and live fireworks and more rockin' soundtrack. It was a great way to end the day at a nice little park.

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