SFDarien Lake and Western PA park visit times

Wednesday, May 29, 2002 8:06 AM

For those who have been to these parks... how much time is "reasonable" to plan for a visit?

Six Flags Darien Lake, Waldamere Park (Erie PA) and Conneaut Lake?

Operating hours for Darien Lake will be 10am - 5pm when we visit. Will these 7 hours be needed?

As for Waldamere and Conneaut Lake, at the present we are planning stops of 2 hrs each. Is this over budgeting? We are going to be on somewhat of a tight schedule (as stated in the "Kennywood Question" thread).

Any ideas on visit times would be helpful.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002 8:42 AM

For Waldameer (correct spelling, just to let ya know), you only need a couple good hours. Since the park is free to park and enter, you can pick & choose your rides at will. You CAN get an all-day admission, but remember... it's a family owned small park, so there aren't all that many thrilling rides (SOMEBODY is preventing them from getting an excellent CCI wooden coaster (ie: 1 single NIMBY)). If you got a family, it'll be a fun time. If not, just pick & choose a few rides. I highly recommend their log ride... it's one of the best. Again, all you need is around 2 or 3 hrs if you choose to pay as you go.

For Darien Lake... it's unfortunate you're going when they're only open until 5pm since they offer one of the best laser light shows in the country... but they only offer that when the park is open until 10pm.
You can see AND ride everything in those 7hrs with time left over... if it's a hot day, just leave a little extra time for Superman and the log ride... and if any coaster except Boomerang is running 1 train, expect a est 20min wait (vs. 10 or less for 2+ train operations).

...And I can't help you with Conneaut Lake.

....Summer is only a short 91 days long. How much of that time are you going to use at the amusement parks??

Wednesday, May 29, 2002 8:52 AM

I can!

You can walk all around Conneaut Lake in about a 20 minute time without riding anything. Make sure you don't try to go on a Monday or a Tuesday as they aren't open on those days (they are on a few, check www.conneautlakepark.com for hours). Must rides are the Blue Streak, Devil's Den, and the new Toboggan (or maybe its the Corkscrew Coaster, both signs were up when I was there). If you budget two hours, you could most likely ride everything twice or more as the lines are almost non-existant. Hungry? Eat in the park as the food prices are quite reasonable (and their pop/soda machines only charge A DOLLAR, not three like another park that I know of :) )

Admission is free, Parking is free, and the charge for all day riding is cheap (varies from day to day, again check the site).

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002 8:57 AM

SLFAKE - As DawgByte said, Waldameere is more of a "family" park. Be sure to check out the Comet (If I remember correctly you are a Schmeck fan, so this is a no-brainer) and the excellent Wacky Shack dark ride. We were there about 2 hours on a Sunday in August, and had plenty of time to hit everything we wanted to.

Two hours at CLP may or may not be enough depending on how much power riding of Blue Streak you want to get in. If you just want to hit everything once, two hours should be adequate. I'd spend a little more time there myself, as I really liked the "ultra laid-back" vibe there and had a lot of fun at CLP.

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