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I arrived at the park with my two friends at around 12:30. We went straight to Texas Cyclone. I sat in the back seat and they went somewhere in the middle of the train. It was a great ride as usual to kickoff the 2003 season. Next we went by Ultra Twister but it wasn't open yet so we went to Batman: The Escape.
The new loop looks okay and I really hope they take this thing out. It very rough and unless you "know" how to ride it it is very painful. After that we headed towards Greezed Lightnin'. The employees were very friendly and on one launch he had everyone say their ABC's and on G he launched it. It was veryfun. Next we went to XLR8/8RLX. The new queue line is very nice. I rode somewhere in the backwards part of the train. I felt like I was going to throw up at te end of the ride! Still a godd ride, though. Next we looked at the construction site where SWAT and Diablo Falls are gonna be... I have no idea how they're gonna have Diablo Falls done by April 1st but thats ok. We then went on The Serpent kiddie coaster. The new paint job on the train was nice. After that my friends went on Serial Thriller, but I passed because it is so rough and it hurts. I then went on Dungeon Drop by myself which was fun. The ride op said on the microphone "are yall ready to drop?" and then he went 3-2-1 and it dropped. Very cool and a nice ride as usual. We then went to Viper. I got on a train before my friends and right before we got to top it stopped. It was cool. We were up there for about 10 minutes and then it started up again. My friends were laughing in the queue at me. When the train got back in the station they gave everyone a coupon for a free drink which I thought was a good move. We then rode Bamboo Shoot/ Ozarka Splash. Didn't get wet but that was a good thing. We then headed over to Mayan Mindbender. They added seatbelts after last season's accident. It was noticeably rougher than last year though. My friend thought I was too chicken to go on Serial Thriller, so reluctantly I did. I only did it because it was the only way he would go on Dungeon Drop. We then went right over to Dungeon Drop and we rode three times. He loved it! We went back to see if Ultra Twister was open and it was. We had waited about 15 minutes in line when it broke down. Oh well, I'll get it next time. Before we left. I wanted one last ride on Cyclone. It was pretty dark then and I took the back seat. It was unbelievable! The train was FLYING through the course. If only it had PTC's... We headed out of the park after a usual great day at AstroWorld.

Cleanliness: A+ Very clean
Friendliness: A+ The ops were awesome!
Overall: A+ I had a great time.
Arrow, even the straight parts of our coasters hurt.

You know, this is closer to the experience I had when I went to SFAW last year. It was so odd to me after hearing all the complaints about the park. They had some of the nicest people working there. But I too went (sort of) early in the year (May). Perhaps all the good people leave when it gets hot out :)

l8R dayz, jeremy

"I will break away, I'll find myself today"

My experience last Spring was also very positive. After all the complaining, we had very low expectations, but had a great time on some unique rides.

Laugh your troubles away at Riverview, the world's largest amusement park.

Astroworld was also a little more selective with the hiring this year, so the employee-guest experience ought to be a little better than in the past. I've been twice this year so far and it's been quite nice.

Lots of little improvements this year, the tv monitors in the queue lines all actually work again for example. Plus for the first time in years all the (built) rides were actually operating for opening weekend. Kudos to the recently promoted new maintenance director of the park for that.

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