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Sunday, June 10, 2001 12:06 PM
My coaster riding buddies and I made our monthly run to SFA yesterday.Arriving at the park at around 10:30 -11:00 am we made our way to superman-ride of steel and took our first ride of the day (in the front seat as usual)and as always it was great!Got back in line and rode again,this time in car three or four(I don't recall which)We checked out batwing and finally saw a train on the lift,it was stopped of course but it was in the reclined position,I must say that the themeing of this ride is coming along nicely,The load station is up,the batwing sign is in place and it looks great.From my view point climbing S:ros's lift it appears that the que line goes behind the station.After our morning laps on s:ros we headed for typhoon sea coaster which took forever but was worth it on a hot day,The iron eagle was running most of the day but got stuck in the 3:00 position on a test run later in the day(that ride is an accident just waiting to happen in my opinion)We got some fast lane passes for S:ROS and roar,the fast lane system is just what this park needed.Later we hit the wild one which was running pretty fast but rough in the back seat.Sky escaper was closed so we headed for the wave swinger which was running earlier in the day but broken down when we tried to ride it(thats a first)I guess zamperla means piece of junk in Italian.Tried to ride octopus but it had problems too.Later in the day we headed back to s:ros and they were doing landscaping work on batwing,the benches are now in place and the lights on the midway are up.While waiting in line we saw our first test run of the ride and boy was it a sight to behold,that thing is so smooth you can barely hear it.From what I heard it should be running well before july 4th,our next run is on the 7th.Mind eraser was the same old hang n bang despite new headrests.As for the themeing of batwing they are going all out with it. This coaster is the only one besides the jinx that even remotely tries to follow its theme with regard to nearby scenery.In conclusion it was a great day. lots of fun was had by all.Here's a little tune I wrote on Fiday,a batwing we shall ride,a batwing we shall ride, hi ho the lift hill a batwing we shall ride!

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