SFA: Two Face The Flip Side gone forever?

I just read a trip report from last weekend and it said all that remained of Two Face is the loading platform? Did they take this ride out from SFA? Is it heading to another six flags park?

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From what I recall, the ride was (finally!) sold off. It had been for sale for about two years. Assuming this is correct, it won't be going to another SF park...

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I just read that it is heading for Brazil.

Nether will I. I hate the way Six flags runs its parks. I hate the way they promote there parks. I hate the way the employees and there attitudes. (granted anyone who works "customer service" or works with guest can get an attitude every now and then) That don't mean on every ride they have to treat you like a pile of crap. I just out right hate Six Flags and you will never catch me in one ever again....

^That's great. Now tell us how you really feel.

It's as if your reply has something to do with this topic.

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Neither will you what, Cedar Point Fanboy? Neither will you be going to a Six Flags park just like the coaster, which is going to Brazil?

First you read, then after that, you post. Read first, post second.

I agree with you, by the way. Six Flags sucks!

I really hope that the park is planning to get something to replace the coaster. They don't have much to begin with.

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LostKause said:
I really hope that the park is planning to get something to replace the coaster. They don't have much to begin with.

Yeah, the other seven coasters don't count. ;)

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Yeah, but they haven't gotten anything new in like forever. BATWING FAN SFA has alluded to that, once or twice.

LostKause said:
Neither will you what, Cedar Point Fanboy? Neither will you be going to a Six Flags park just like the coaster, which is going to Brazil?

It would be much easier to understand using quotes or carets. But then too many people get all bent out of shape having to count posts. :) IMO, he won't be going to another Six Flags park, based on the rest of his post.

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^^COnsidering that the KD2010 thread is conveniently located right nex tto this one, I think we can guess why SFA hasn't been getting anything new other than waterpark goodies (and will in ALL likelihood continue that trend). SFA, for the power-packed line-up, simply doesn't really need new coasters to draw crowds from Baltimore, Annapolis, and esp. Washington. The ROI is there for the waterpark expansions, and that's where they seem to be investing (wisely, I might add). All that being said, you'd think they'd be more concerend about keeping the water rides in the ride-park OPEN during the hot summer months... ;)

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Lord Gonchar said:
Yeah, the other seven coasters don't count. ;)

But with S:ROS down that brings the number to six

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But he started his post with, "Neither will I". He comparing himself not going to a SF park with a coaster that's not going to a SF park. That's silly.

I was being a grump last night...lol.

I just don't think SFA has enough to do, Gonch. The few coasters that they do have are pretty good.

Two woodies
a hang 'n' bang
a hypercoaster
a (very slow loading, long lined) flying coaster
I don't count the coasters designed for the kiddies

That's not a lot of coasters for a large theme park located in a vr populated area, imho.

Is Typhoon Seacoaster ever open? Did they ever get it fixed? One could argue that it's a coaster, if it were ever open.

I'm not going to be the guy who always comlains about the park. I don't ever go there anymore. KD is right down the road. HersheyPark is right down the road too. I can easily skip SFA. I haven't been there in a very long time.

Am I the only one who feels that the park is lacking in coasters? Could I bne the opnly one who feels that if they get rid of one, they should consider replacing it with something else?

I didn't remember JJ until after I left for work. JJ is an incredible ride!

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^As a big fan of the spaghetti bowls (since the retrofits, anyway), I have to add in JJ as a major good steelie. If they lost the SLC, I wouldn't care one bit (they got rid of the wrong inverted Vekoma, LOL)....but JJ is still a sweet ride. What the park needs more than coasters IMO is a better vibe overall (more landscaping, better employees, and some CLEANING). Then flats.

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I found my visit to SFA to be fun overall, and I am dissapointed to see this coaster go. When it did run it was a fun ride, and rather unique. The only think that SFA is really lacking is continuity, as having Batwing 3/4 of a mile away from the rest of the park makes no sense. Had to be one of the most cofusing and least plannned out park infastructures I have personally witnessed. Instead of spending another 10 -15 million on a coaster, they should use that money to develop areas like the midway between S:ROS and Batwing. Some landscaping, including trees, games, and dare I say, themed elements tying this area into the DC Unviverse? Always thought it such dissapointment that the theme park closest to our nations capitol was more impressive.

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Batwing breaks every time I go to the park and sometimes isn't even running. Superman was broke the last time I went there. Have seen Mind Eraser and even Wild One down on a few visits. Heck, even the drop tower and Skull Mountain haven't been open on every visit. Two Face was always down and I have a friend who was actually stuck on that one.

It's sad to say that I doubt Six Flags America will get much in the way of anything new. They have a hand me down sitting in the back of the park and have for a few years in the way of Ultra Twister (I believe that was what it was called at Six Flags Great Adventure & Astroworld) and haven't ever installed it. Of course that could just be at the park for storage since there is so much open space in the back with nothing there.

While talking about Six Flags America, you can actually do a buy one, get one free ticket right now. The crowds aren't there and most the people I talk to, even casual park goers around here don't enjoy the park that much and would rather just go to Hershey Park.

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I don't have anything concrete, but I've heard that the reason Ultra Twister hasn't been re-erected is because parts of it were significantly damaged when it was disassembled and/or shipped to SFA.

Chalk it up to poor maintenance,not bad design that led to two face's repeated malfunctions & ultimate removal....of course after that last mishap the local media(which over exagerrated the story) put the final nail in the ride's coffin.

If Ultra Twister ever reopens Ill be there in a heartbeat. Isnt SFA supposed to get a giant Thomas Town?

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I did not think sfa had a drop tower.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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^Tower of Doom, Intamin second-gen.

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