SFA Trip Much better that Opening day 5-21-05.

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:)We left Reston VA around 9:37 am and headed for SFA. We arrived at the park at 10:34 am.

Our 1st ride of the day a flight on SROS. They are only running 1 train because there Where not enough people in the line. And they were running the Blue train with dummies. It was great being back on Superman Ride Of Steel. We rode it in the 1st row because the lines were not that crowded in the morning.

Next ride a flight on Batwing. Thank god that it didn't break down while we were in the line. So we rode it with some 1st timers in the 1st row.

After a ride on Batwing we headed for JJ Where the lines were long. We only had to wait for 4 trains for the 1st row.

Now after we rode JJ we took our lunch break. And we each had a hot dog and a Coke to drink.

After we had our lunch break we rode the Flying Carousel. Then it's onto our 1st wooden coaster ride of the day.

We headed for Wild One and they have changed the queue line. And they had security guard letting you know when to go. I like this new setup because people can't cut in the line.

I also noticed that they had a security guard at Mind Easer, Two-Face. It's a good ideal to have security people at each big ride.

We also rode the falling Star, Tower of Doom.

So after rides on 2 flats we headed for Roar where the lines were not to bad.

Then we took a ride on PBR where they took off the seat belts. And they also took off out side seat belts on SROS. As we where coming to the end of the PBR ride, we saw that them launch JJ and as it was going to it's 1st cobra roll we heard the breaks kick out and was rolling backwards. Lucky that there were no people on JJ at that time.

We ended our day with 1 flight on Batwing and 2 flights on SROS with a night flight on the last train that they where running. Oh boy we did get our coaster fix.

Batwing 2 flights

Roar 1 lap

Wild One 1 lap

Two-face 1 lap

Mind Easer 1 lap

SROS 3 flights

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