SFA Trip 2 On A Warm and Partly Sunny Mid 70’s 5-1-04.

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I got picked up by my buddies at 9:31am. We arrived at Six Flags America around 10:53AM.. As we were waiting in the line ride SROS the mechanic said that the ride will bet temporarily delayed. . I notice that the Blue train on SROS was missing back seats. After they take off one of the trains we rode it in the 1st row.

So after doing 2 flights on Superman Ride Of Steel we headed for JJ Joker’s Jinx and it is back up and running so we rode it in the 1st row. Now we are going to lunch break at Pizza O’eight and the line were long and they had to make more pizza because it was going fast. Pizza O’eight was doing a booming business.

SFA has added remote boats in front of the ship and the cost is only .75 cents. After a bite to eat we took a ride on Roar in the 1st row. Then we took in a flat rides on High Seas ,Flying carousel, Tower of Doom & Octopus. As we where waiting in the line to ride Octopus the ride operator couldn’t get the ride going so we left the line.

The next ride we rode a ride on Two-Face The Flip Side is back up and running. So we rode it in the 1st row. Then we headed for a coaster ride on Wild One and rode it in the 1st row.

Typhoon Sea Coaster is still down and I ask the ride operator on if the ride will be opening this season. The ride operator said that Typhoon Sea Coaster might open Saturday May 8th.

So after a ride on Wild One we headed for PBR Penguin’s Blizzard River.

Then we a attempted to ride Batwing and while standing in the line they were having trouble getting the seat to recline correctly.. So the Mechanics had to get the Seats row by row done by hand. We waited for about 2 hours then left the lines. We are going to take a dinner break at Crazy Horse Saloon. After a dinner break we went back to see if Batwing & SROS was back up and running. As we got down there one of the ride operator said that both SROS & Batwing were down.

So we ended our day with 1 ride on Tower Of Doom row at night on Wild One. Doing 4 laps on Wild One makes up for Night flights on Batwing & SROS. We also rode Mind Eraser. We also took a 2 rides on the Great race were while waiting in the line we saw a family got on the ride on the exit.

Roar 1 Lap

Wild One 5 Laps

Two- Face 1 Lap

Mind Eraser 1 Lap

Joker’s Jinx 1 Lap *** Edited 5/5/2004 2:35:28 AM UTC by rail junkie***

Rail Junkie

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

Cool, looks like you had fun. That sucks that you had to wait 2 hours for nothing. But besides that, Im jealous. The closest I have been to an amusement park this year was a closed Gröna Lund in Sweden.
Too bad he failed to mention what happened on Roar....man was it hilarious & you just had to be there to see why.

Anyhow we're on the ride & approaching the drop towards the on ride photo cam when for some odd reason or another Rail junkie decides to "flash" the camera,you would've just had to see how the photo turned out & if it weren't for the cost(& the fact that I've already got two Roar pics) I certainly would've bought it.

We difinately had to give two thumbs up for the Wild one crew for allowing us & a few others some after hours laps....everyone from the panel op to the platform attendants were extremely enthusiastic about their work & just did such an outstanding job running the ride,it makes up for the fact that superman was down due to the tragedy at SFNE...which at that time we were totally unaware of.

One final note for all you Chaos fans is a little trick to get the most out of the ride cycle:when trying to flip the car first get a good rythym going wihle rocking the car & at the same time pull down real hard on your restraint.

If you time it just right you can get as many as two or three flips in a row during the course of the ride cycle...we certainly did & it took quite a while for the car to stop moving after the ride stopped because of all the flipping we had been doing.

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