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Sunday, August 12, 2001 8:39 PM
I'm taking my daughter to SFA this week for the first time. Above all, I want to make sure that we have a chance to hit all eight coasters. I know that they have an express-pass type feature (although I'm not exactly sure on how it works).

Having one day to spend, and wanting to add eight coasters to the almighty track record, what would your strategy be for a weekday (probably Wednesday) as a newbie to this park?

Duane Cahill
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Sunday, August 12, 2001 8:49 PM
Hey I'm going Wed. too. I went earlier this year and got to ride all eight with no problem. When I went in July Batwing didn't open till two and they were only running one train so I waited for over two hours. They were also only running one train on S:ROS and at most the wait was one hour but it got shorter at the end of the day. Jokers Jinx was a walk on all day same with Roar and Mind Eraser. Wild one and 2 face were like fifteen minutes each. So you should make all eight easily plus re rides, Have fun.
Sunday, August 12, 2001 10:51 PM
Re-rides will be no problem on anything but Batwing. I would say that and Two-Face (limited capacity shuttle) should go early. Warning- they closed Two-Face about 2-3 pm the day I was there. If you haven't been, I'd also recommend at least one ride one the Typhoon Seacoaster, a neat flume/coaster hybrid. Lines move pretty slow for this one, so go before it gets hot or later after it cools off. You shouldn't get TOO wet. If you love old woodies half as much as I do, get at least a few rides on the Wild One, running real smooth. S:ROS was running two trains week before last (Friday), and I've heard they're still running two. Roar is EXCELLENT - I only wish they had the GCI trains of LR @ HP or Roar @ SFMW. Hoping GCI becomes the PTC of the new Millenium (oh, but they should keep building coasters too).
Monday, August 13, 2001 6:41 AM
Potentially bad news. I went to SFA both Saturday and Sunday. Both days S:ROS sat untouched. No people working on it, no testing, nothing. This is weird because Wednesday, Intamin Fan said it was running with both trains. Perhaps SFI/Intamin found something serious with S:ROS@SFNE after all.

Also, Batwing, while open Saturday, was not open during the evening on Sunday. Sorry, but this might not be the best time for an SFA visit.

Anyway, as for strategies, honestly, on a weekday, you dont need one. BUT, if you want one, I'll give it.

If you are a season passholder to ANY SF park, you can get in as early as 9:30am, but are limited to the rides in a certain section for that first hour (Wednesday is Two-Face: The Flip Side, Tower of Doom, Falling Star and Cyclone). So you could check out those rides with smaller crowds.

If you want to go the NON-FASTLANE Route, as soon as the primetime thing is over (or near ending) go over to the Wild One (it's adjacent to Two Face). This ride keeps a line despite two trains as it is the "tweener" coaster of the park. It's a great ride though (hint sit 1.3). After that, head into Gotham City. Pass up Joker's Jinx, pass up S:ROS and go all the way back to Batwing (if open). Once you ride Batwing, back track and hit S:ROS (if open) and Joker's Jinx.

Leave Gotham City and head over to ROAR. ROAR almost never has a line. You might want to ride a couple of times. I prefer the last car, but the front is nice too. There is no "bad" seat.

As it gets closer to noon, check out the Typhoon SeaCoaster. It is only open from noon to dusk and is an interesting little flume. At your leisure you can ride Mind Eraser and The Great Chase (kiddie).

For the FASTLANE suggestion, as the time approaches 10:30, get over to the reservation counter and snag a set of tickets. They've changed the program a bit since I used it, but you can request tickets for four different rides. I suggest Wild One, Two Face, Mind Eraser and S:ROS (if open, if not neither JJ nor ROAR ever need it so it's your call). Batwing is not FASTLANE friendly :(

Anyway, you should be able to do all that with no problem. That will leave you with plenty of time to do other things. I suggest hitting the Iron Eagle (Zamperla roto-shake) if you like flat rides. It's pretty intense! Additionally, the Wild West Stunt show is entertaining (you WILL laugh). As for eats, go to the Saloon in Coyote Creek (near Mind Eraser). It's pretty expensive (duh) but not bad. I reccomend the crab cake platter.

That's about all I can think of off hand. If you have any more specific questions, please post them.
P.S. I never go to the waterpark but hear it gets pretty crowded...
Monday, August 13, 2001 6:38 PM
I'll be going to SFA tomorrow so I'm a tad concerned about Superman. Has anybody else been there today or anything and seen Superman running?

Joshua Wilcox
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