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I have been reading that Superman at SFA is down or was down (the latest reports were from last week). Does anyone have any information about this?

We will be heading down to BGW,KD and SFA this weekend. I am hoping that it will be up by then.

Last I heard, Superman was down and no one knew when it would be back up. However, that was about a week ago. Good luck! Let me know if it's running because I plan on taking a trip down there in July.

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I'd say call the park, but I remember doing that the year Batwing debuted and they assured me that coaster would be open. It wasn't. I was forced to wait a few more weeks to experience replete mediocrity.

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It was closed 2 weeks ago and a friend of mine was at the park a few days ago and it was still down.

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I saw some photos taken on 6/23 of workers on the crest of the lift hill. I had heard about the cranes much earlier too. I am hoping that they were finishing of the repair and it will be open for us come Monday.

So good news, I'm in the middle of my BGE, KD, and SFA road trip and I can tell you that Superman was up and running today. On a side note all coasters at all parks were in full operation so you should be on the lucky side.

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Thanks Coasterguy

just curious, but is it still tricky to fit on Superman if you have more than a 38 inch waist? slightly embarrased asking that, but id rather know before making a trip there....

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unfortunately the seats are very confined. let's just put it this way... i'm 5'9" and about 180 lbs. and I found the area too small. From what I understand, they're the same size restraints they've always been.

it wasnt the restraints that were the issue, it was the tight damn seat belt...

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Dave, I know you already visited this weekend...I missed you by a day! :) Anyway, I hope you got to ride Superman...it was down when I arrived at the park at 4:30 pm on Sunday, but they got it back up and running, and it was a pretty decent ride (although REALLY ugly in location/scenery).

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

So Dave, what's the good word??

Btw, I will say, and forgive me for saying this (especially so since you're a wee bit older than I thought), but since you are a little bit bigger of a guy (not close to huge or anything like that), but did you fit on S:ROS?

I know you said MF at CM was a bit snug, and IMO, ROS is a lot tighter!! As someone who is in good shape, but a bit tall and have had a few walk-of-shame's on low budget flats with ratchet OTSR's that aren't designed for someone in the mid-6 feet scale, WOS's suck and I wish you the best! Nowadays I have to avoid some of those awesome looking flats :( (thankfully most good parks don't have many!)

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Just got back about 30 minutes ago.

Loved SFA and got multiple laps on S:ROS. Yes the seats are tight and uncomfortable, but I fit just fine with my 40-42 waist. The main issue I had with SFA's belts is that the male end of the belts are very short so the buckle latches almost on the side of your thigh instead of in the middle. This was not so bad getting them latched but tougher to get them unlatched.

I will get my trip report up in the next day or so and will go into more detail then. But nothing was more then a station wait the entire day. Most of the times we were able to re-ride in the same seat or in some cases move to another empty pair without leaving the station.

Loved SFA?? Haha!! I think it sucks! (sans ROS) I guess I am officially an enthusi-ass!?

But good to know you fit and it was working!

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IMO they don't have many coasters, but the ones they do have are all average to above average of their type.


Jokers Jinx is a much better ride then either of the Flight of Fears at KI & KD.

S:RoS is better IMO then Magnum (Intamin hyper).

Batwing is better then Firehawk at KI.

Wild One is better then any other classic 50 + year old coaster that I have ridden.

Mind Eraser was OK, nothing special. I do prefer B&M inverteds over Vekoma.

Roar was quite fun and above average for newer wood that I have ridden.

I think part of what may be skewing my affection was the fact that everything was walk on or nearly so. Even though the crowds were very light, they were still running at least 2 trains on most rides and the 2 that they were not there were maintenance people working on the trains. It looks like Mind Eraser got/is getting new seats.

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DaveStroem said:
Batwing is better then Firehawk at KI.

Curious about this one.

While I generally agree with you - SFA has a completely underrated collection of coasters - this one is interesting to me as Firehawk and Batwing are the exact same ride. Clones.

What made one better than the other?

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My guess is that Firehawk was moved. Batwing was a smoother ride. I feel that I can accurately compare them as I have ridden both in the past 8 days.

One other thing that I found interesting was it seemed that SFA got nearly the same number of loads within a given time with 1 train as KI does with 2. At SFA they load you, drop you and your moving. At KI you load, they drop you and you sit with the blood rushing to your head till it is ready to flow from your eyes.

I prefer to get a headache from actually riding the coaster instead of from waiting to ride it. But that is just me :)

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I still haven't bothered to ride Firehawk since they moved it and on my one trip to SFA, for time's sake, I skipped Batwing being as I had already ridden X-Flight.

I wouldn't have imagined there was any significant difference between the two.

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Thoughts from my trip there a month ago.....

The mind eraser at sfa, was the worst slc I have been on in years. I coulden't even see straight as the vibration and shaking was awful.And that was in the front seat. The best one is at michigans adventure. I don't know what they are doing there(differant wheels?), but the ride is actually a lot of fun.

I don't know about superman being better than magnum, but I will agree that jokers jinx is much better than fof.

Wild one was a good coaster as well.

Firehawk and batwing gave the exact same ride IMO.

Roar was just ok.

The big suprise was sull mountain. This ride was a lot of fun. They were even playing the pirats of the carribean song in the tunnles of the ride.

The big downside (for me), was the stupid lap bars on superman. Whats up with the aluminun bars on the side of the restraint?

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I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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I know what you mean about the Superman lap bars. For some reason, I felt like I was in a grocery cart.

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