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Sunday, June 23, 2002 1:24 PM
Hello. I will be going to SFA for the first time on Saturday, and i have a couple of questions. First how will the crowds be? Second how are the coasters in terms of roughness. My girlfriend cant ride coasters with really intense g's or are really rough. To give you an idea, she liked Great Bear and Lightning Racer, but not Wildcat. If that helps. Finally is there anything cant miss or a really good food joint?. Thanks in advance
Sunday, June 23, 2002 2:15 PM

If she didn't like HP's wildcat all that much then I'm not sure if she'd enjoy roar all that much seeing as how they are almost identical in design and if she can't handle high G's on coasters then Batwing as well as Two face are coasters that she'd also want to avoid as both pull fairly high G's during the vertical loop.

As far as crowds go the park can get crowded on saturdays with lines becoming fairly long, the longest lines are typically found on S:ROS,Batwing,Jokers Jinx and Two face(Two face being a shuttle coaster obviously has long & slow lines) Wild one also tends to have moderate to long lines as well.

As far as food goes I find the best places to eat in the park are hollywood cafe which is located nearthe lonney tunes movie town section of the park,it's a great place to get lunch at,for dinner I would highly recomend the crazy horse sallon in the coyote creek section of the park,while your'e there you can also catch a great show called this is your country I know I enjoyed it and I'm not one who goes to the park for the shows.

I'm heading out to SFA on saturday the 29th as well so maybe I'll see you there.

Sunday, June 23, 2002 6:21 PM
Roar doesn't have long lines?

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Sunday, June 23, 2002 6:46 PM
ROAR NEVER has a line. I cannot explain why. But I doubt you'd ever have more than a five train wait to ride (usually closer to 2-3) unless you wan the front. However, I suggest sitting in the last car for the wildness off the first drop.

GKW: I "think" your g/f could handle ROAR, but sit in the middle. It's about a happy medium between WC and LR, but it will likely be right on her threshold of ride she can handle. Wild One is a pretty smooth ride, but it has a good lateral or two as well. Just watch out for the ending helix as it is powerful (and slightly underbanked)

Also, you may want to ride the Typhoon Sea Coaster. It's a fairly well themed log flume (with reversing tables) though I *still* think they need to pipe music into the tunnels. And the Rodeo (HUSS Breakdance) is fun. But avoid Riddle Me This (Round up). SFA runs theirs WAY too slow. You'll have to actually hold on to keep from feeling like you'll fall to the center (I usually like to strike a "Dracula" pose on these, but not the SFA version!)

Yeah, that's about it.

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Sunday, June 23, 2002 7:14 PM

Yea, she should avoid Batwing then, man I went there this past thursday, and I got to ride it twice and it was enough, they had both stations working execpt one station release the train and it reclined on the lift, the other station reclined in the station, I dont know why. BUT gosh entering the loop, i feel so much pressure on my lungs, I just scream. the G's are alot especially the last helix, and first drop.

TWO face watch it also, long lines, but on the trip back through the ride, comming off the second spike, watch the loop, its pulls high G's my friend has black out on it at times.

I cant really say that Roar pulls high G's, I mean I know it definately pulls nagative ones, like superman, and the wild one.

Joker's jinx is fairly equal in my case, so dont worry, everything is pretty better, and I dont bother to complain since i know what it was like with OTSR.

and Mind eraser, hmmmmm well go ahead, but theres no need to worry about any G force problems, just do one thing


other wise have a good time, and ride the typhoon Sea Coaster, and I love The Iron Eagle, hope it dont break down on you. LOL

Have fun

Monday, June 24, 2002 6:57 AM
I'm going to disagree on eating at Hollywood Cafe. The burgers were burnt, the fries were blah, the chicken strips were cold and the prices were outrageous. It was the worst $20 we've ever spent on park food.
Monday, June 24, 2002 7:17 AM

The wild one is awsome! One of the best wooden coasters ive ever been on. The double up is awsome and the helix at the end pulls so many lateral g's your plasterd tothe side of the car s ride on the right se so the divider dosn't dig into your gut.

Roar is pretty good but what looks like would provide great airtime dosn't. Sit in the back so you get whipped around expscially over the first drop.

Mind eraser is one of the smoothest slcs ive been on but ive only been on the mind eraser and the great nor' easter.

jokers jinx just got lapbars on may 4th when i was there so thats awsome now.

Superman ride of steel is the best ride in the park. Front seat for the visauls and back for the AIRTIME!

I can only ride batwing a couple times becouse it starts to hurt my ankles and my back after a while because of the ankle holder things and the padding on the seat.

Try to ride typhoon seacoaster because it's awsome. I still get butterflys in my stomach when it drops you backwards. The only thing in the park that does.

The iron eagle is pretty cool.

I usaully eat at subway because it dosn't suck as much as the other food.

And the foot massagers!!!!! I couldn't live without them andit only costs a qauter.

Bring a coin on a string!!!

More info: www.sixflags.com/america which is the official site. and sam marks unoficial site: http://members.aol.com/SFAmerica/SFAmerica..html

Tht is all.


Monday, June 24, 2002 7:43 AM

I never said that Roar has long lines,the line for roar on average is much smaller than Wild one any day.

A bit of info on Typhoon sea coaster: get to this ride as soon as it opens around 12 noon because it's expected to be hot on saturday and the lines for this ride will begin to fill up in no time.

As for eating at hollywood cafe I've never had a problem with the food there otherwise I wouldn't eat there as much,maybe you just caught it on the wrong day because not always but sometimes the food can be a bit under cooked but that can be the case at any of the parks dining facilities, I would agree that the prices are a bit outrageous. though.

Another attraction to try if you're feeling up to it would be the skycoaster located in Gotham city,You'll get a great view of the park from up there.

Like everyone else has said so far have fun and I hope to read your trip report soon.

Monday, June 24, 2002 8:42 AM
Thanks alot everyone. Everything is very helpful. My girlfriend was in a car accident awhile ago and doesnt have very strong neck muscles, so thats where the pain seems to be. I wont let her ride anything Vekoma, but I have never been on a flying dutchman, thats why I ask. Mostly she just waits in line with me and walks through, unless I drag her on, but I dont like to do that. I have trouble getting her on beemers, but I think they are intimadating to her.
Monday, June 24, 2002 12:24 PM

I know that this is an older post and the person has already visited the park, but I just wanted to chime in with my thoughts on the food. DON'T EAT HERE!!! First off, as everyone mentions, the prices are outrageous. Secondly, in my many visits to this park, I have never had a good meal. The hot food is almost always cold, the food is usually stale, and I find it offensive that SF expects me to pay 5-star money for food that I don't see fit for a dog. The only place that I would consider eating at in this park is the Subway next to Shipwreck Falls, but on a busy Saturday, the line is usually insane (it may not look long, but trust me, it is). I certainly haven't eaten at every place in the park, but I can say that all the places that I did eat at always provided less than desireable food and service. Personally, I would much rather walk back to my car, leave and drive to the closest fast food joint (about 15 minutes away) and then come back to the park. Actually, we try to pack our lunch when we make full day visits.

Happy Coastering!


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Monday, June 24, 2002 12:38 PM
Sean, I havent visited the park yet. I just posted this yesterday. Ill be going this saturday( the 29) I believe. Ill keep everything in mind. I am used to being ripped off by buying food. Season Pass to SFGrAdv

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