SFA Opening Day - Very Disappointing

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Well we got to the park at around 10:30 where we heard (just in time) the countdown until the park opened for the first day this season. The celebration music was cranked up and spirits seemed very high.

I headed straight over to the season pass processing area to get my id card. The line was about 30 min (not to long, but seemed like forver).

We headed straight down main street on our way to superman ros. WPGC 95.5 was at the end of main street near the grand threatre. When we got there we were stop before we even got the the end of gotham city. Superman and Batwing were closed and no one was being allowed to that part of the park.

JJ was closed so we rode Alpine Bobs and headed for Roar. Then it was Mind Eraser (which looked very fresh in its new coat of paint). It was hard to tell if the trains were new or not. They were painted and the wheels looked new, however the overall ride was still pretty rough.

We ate at the saloon and then headed over to the southwest territory where we rode wild one. Two face was closed. We then headed back over to gotham city where batwing was opening on and off and superman was still dead closed. We rode PBR a few times aswell as Kyrpton Komet. And this pretty much conluded our day.

No Superman
No Batwing
No Joker's Jinx
No Two Face


you can view my construction pics and genernal park pics here:

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Yeah, what a crappy day. Luckily I got to ride Joker when the park opened, seemed ok to me. Also later in the day Batwing ran and I got to ride that. But yeah, no Superman. It valleyed and after they got it back into the station, they were running it with the water dummies, but they said it was running too slow, so they kept t closed all day.
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What was the temperature for the day?
I couldn't agree more with you on how disappointing the operations were today...especially with superman.

Don't you think they should've conducted employee training for the ride during the past week leading up to opening day?

How warm was it today? Thats kinda the catch about opening in April, or even sometimes in May... If the weather isn't cooperating, some rides won't run right. I know a few times during FrightFest up here at SFDL SRoS won't run because its too cold outside, or if it does run it will sit in the station until the train fills up... I sometimes wonder about opening these parks so early in the year, do you think they really bring in that much more money than if they opened a couple weeks later?

But then again, what do I know?

The weather was GREAT today easily in the mid to upper 60s without a single cloud in the sky. Plenty of people wearing shorts and tshirts and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. It was so sunny I actually got a sunburn the short time I was out.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

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