SFA great trip 6-14-03

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003 6:49 PM
rail junkie's avatar My buddies & I arrived aat SFA at 10:45 am. Our first ride of the day is a ride on SROS was a walk on in the morning. so we did our 2 flights. We notice that Superman Ride Of Steel was moving very slowly up the lif hill. Then it was time to get cooled off so we rode PBR ond oh boy you really do spin on it. But you don't get that wet on PBR as you do on Shipwreck Falls, Renegade Rapids, Typhoon Seacoaster. You do get a little wet at the end of the ride. We really injoyed it so much we rode PBR again. So after a spinning ride we went back to Gotham City where we took in a flight on Batwing which they were still running only 1 station & train. As we were waiting in Batwing line we saw that the Blue train got stuck going u the lift hill. So after 3 ride we tok a lunch break at Hollywood Cafe were I got an Corn Dog & a drink. I was so hungry that I inhale my Corn Dog. So after a bite to eat for lunch we again headed back to Gotham City where we took in a ride on the Joker's Jinx and the lines were very long. Then after a ride on the Joker we to a ride on Roar lines were not to bad. We were getting very hot because it was so humid outside. So we took in another wet ride on the Renegade Rapids where we got soaked to the bone. So after a wet ride we took in a flat ride on the Flying Carousel to get dryed off but it started to rain a little bit. So after a flat ride we rode Wild One as we were riding it began to rain harder. So we took our dinner break at Crazy Horse Saloon and wait until the rain let up. So after dinner break we hit PBR again and it not too crowded. We went back to ride Wild One but this time it was not raining. As we were waiting in line we saw that Iron Eagle got stuck in mid air but luckily there were nobody on Irion Eagle at the time. We even rode the falling Star. So we are ending our SFA day with a marathon ride on SROS. SFA was more crowded that the last time that we went.

SROS 4 flights rate 10+

Roar 3 laps rate 10

Wild One 2 laps rate 10

Batwing 2 flights rate 10

Joker's Jinx 1 lap rate 10

PBR 2 runs rate 10+

Rail Junkie
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