SFA Fright Fest 10-27-01 Last run of this season.

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Monday, October 29, 2001 3:56 PM
We got too SFA at 12:14pm.Are first order of business was too check out the 2002
Season passes we found out that the 2002 season passes won’t go on sale until April.
My buddy & I picked up our season pass form to fill out and send in my other buddy
Had already called in for his SFA season pass and his mom having hot charged it. Then first ride off the day was a flight on Batwing. We got in line at 12:52pm and it had only taken us 45 minutes to get on Batwing. Because the lines were not very long. Next ride stop is a ride on Superman Ride Of Steel. And its lines were not very long also. We had waited for only 10-12 minutes for the front seat. After a flight on Big Red we took our lunch break at Corner Stone Farmers Market. Were they have hot dogs, roast beef, fries its a good place to eat if you are in the mood for one of thoughts food items. Our next ride stop is a ride on Wild One and its lines were longest that it has been earlier in the season. We got in the Line at 2:53pm and it had taken us about 20-30 minutes for the front seat. The lines on The Tower Of Doom and the line were long it had taken us about 15-20 minutes to get on it. Next stop a ride on the Octopus and its lines were not too long. It had taken us about 5-10 minutes to get on it. Then it was off for a ride on Mind Eraser and its line were longer form our last SFA trip on 10-7-01.
We waited for about a half hour to get on Mind Eraser. Next ride stop was Roar and its lines were jumping on Roar. We had waited for about 5 minutes to get on Roar.
Then it was time for a dinner break at Pizza Eight was I bought two slices of pizza and two medium drinks. And the pizza was good for an amusement park. Next it was off to get in line for the Haunted Hay ride witch was suppose too open at 6:oopm but the didn’t open the, gates until almost 7:00pm. I’ll rate this ride a 1 percent because 2 years ago it was much better. So we took in another flight on Batwing and the lines were longer than earlier this afternoon. It had taken us about 2 hours just to get on Batwing because a big group of people decided to cut under the railing and one of them said the he was an SFA employ. It makes me very made when other people don’t play any attention to those ride rules. Then we ended our last ride of our SFA trip on a night flight on Superman Ride Of Steel. We have waited for about 20-30 minutes for the front seat of Big Red. I’ll rate this day an 85-90 percent. That’s it for this season SFA trip report. My next amusement trip report will be in Orlando FL when I’ll do a trip report on MGM, IOA, University, Sea World.



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