SFA 8/3-3 Hours (or so) of fun

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Friday, August 3, 2001 5:22 PM
Having just spent a whole day at Great Adventure on Wednesday, and still recovering, you’d think I’d want to take a couple days off from coasting. Nah! Getting together with my fellow trip mate from a couple of weeks ago, Matt and I journeyed down to SFA. Since Matt had no wheels, and had to go work, we only stayed a few hours. First stop was S:ROS. While waiting to ride, we noticed that Batwing is stuck on the lift with people on it. Hope they wore their sun block! By the time we boarded S:ROS, they’ve moved. As for as Superman goes, Matt notices that things seem noticeably smoother since they changed the wheels, and he finds the bunny hills a little bit more intense. From the lift of Superman we can see that the queue is only half full for Batwing. Yeehaw! We only waited 45 minutes with one train. Yes! We still find the ride to be amazing and very intense. My favorite part today was the vertical loop, and Matt’s was the helix. We then went back to S:ROS and rode twice more since the line was only about 10 minutes. One of the attendants is being a little too thorough though about checking lapbars, and I get stapled hard. At least he’s checking. On our way to Joker’s Jinx I joked with Matt about riding Krypton Comet (Chance Chaos), since I knew it would be closed because of the accident at Michigan’s Adventure. Matt wonders why we aren’t stopping to ride, because there’s no line. He says Batwing really got to him today as he doesn’t notice that there’s no operator either! We ride Joker’s Jinx next and encounter our slowest ride operations of the day. We are about to board and I counted four trains on S:ROS that go by while we waited. They seemed to have had some trouble with the Fast Lane tickets that people had, and they were having some “discussions”. While I missed the intense launch of Chiller from two days earlier, I didn’t miss the brutal headbanging I got on Batman, particularly at night. The only place I headbanged on JJ today was in the corkscrew. Running into Paul, another enthusiast, we headed back to S:ROS for one more ride. Matt is convinced that the red train in particular is running better than ever since the wheel change. Next we headed to Wild One, and had a very enjoyable ride in the back seat. What an amazing ride compared to Rotting Lumber, excuse me, Rolling Thunder at SFGA. We talk about riding Two Face, but it either overshot the brakes on the return trip, or the train released prematurely from the lift. Maintenance comes out to get the train back into the station and we decided not to fool with it. Sadly, the day came to a close early as I had to drive Matt back home. I could have returned, but I had a mild headache.

Batwing-Bow Down

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