SFA 8-25-01 An 10 percent day.

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Sunday, August 26, 2001 6:50 PM
SFA 8-25-01

My Buddies and I arrive at SFA 11:09am. Our first order of business is the flight on Batwing. Of course we always ride the newer ride first. We got in line about 11:30am.
So we finally got on Batwing at 1:06pm after we rode Batwing we signed up for 2:45pm Sky Coaster. Next we headed for Joker’s Jinx. We were going to ride Superman Ride Of Steel unfortunately it was closed because it had broke down earlier in the morning.
And remain closed for the rest of he day. I’ll rate Joker’s Jinx a 10 but it would have been a 100+ if they had put in new lap bars. After we rode the Joker’s Jinx we took a lunch break at 2:15 at the Cornerstone Farmers Market. I really recommend this place for lunch. After we took a lunch break we went down to were Batwing is because there are lockers here and put my buddy hip pack in a locker. And then we headed for the Sky Coaster.
Oh boy it’s worth the money. It’s $20.00 for one person $40.00 for 2 people and $50.00 for 3 people. Then we were off to a woody coaster The Wild One. The lines were long and moving. A perfect Next ride is Two Face The Flip Side the lines were long and
Side the line was long and slow loading rates a 10 it would be 100 percent if the line were not long. Next stop Roar another wooden coaster. Then we rode some flat ride The High Seas. Next a ride on Mind Eraser we enter the line at 6:29pm we finally got on the train at 7:12pm. After that we took a dinner break at Crazy Horse Saloon. After that we went strait for a night flight on Batwing a 100+ rate at night.

Now for those ride that were closed.

1. Superman Ride Of Steel.

2. Iron Eagle.

3. Riddle Me This

4. Penguin’s Polar Express.

5. Typhoon Sea Coaster

6. Renegade Rapids.

7. Tilt-a Whirl.
I’ll rate this day and 10 percent it would be 100+ if Superman Ride Of Steel were open.


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Monday, August 27, 2001 11:40 AM
Hmm... Superman closed again? I hope it was open for Jeff this past Sunday. He only got half a ride last time. ;)

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Monday, August 27, 2001 2:49 PM
Holy Crap the skycoaster at SFA is a ripoff!!!!!  20$ for one person, 40$ for two, and 50$ for three!!!! That cannot be right!!!

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