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After a month off due to car troubles my friends and I finally made our long awaited trip to SFA

Upon arriving at the park a little after 11:00 am we were faced with a long & slow moving line just to get in the park,once inside we quickly made our way back into Gotham and S:ROS was our ride of choice to begin the day.

After a moderate wait for car#3 row#2 we were off & flying,it seems that after a month away from this ride really improved it just a bit and it wasn't anywhere near as rough as it was back in june,my guess is they put new wheels on it which made for a smoother ride.

Next up Batwing which when we first queued up for had a long & slow wait due to single station/train operation,about an hour or so in line the 2nd train was added howver making for a much faster moving line aso for some reason the trains aren't reclining on the lift which also added to the wait time.

Having gotten Batwing out of the way we were getting a bit hungry so it was time for a quick lunch break by grabbing some pizza at the skull island food court which was open for once,it's the first time this season that I've seen it open at least.

Since we were in the area a quick ride on Poar was in order so we queued up for the front which had a long wait due to lap bar problems in the front row on the black train,only blue was loading up front,once aboard however the ride didn't dissappoint it was running fast and wild with some nice laterals as well as speed and airtime galore.

We wanted to ride Typhoon sea coaster but it was closed so we headed for Renegade rapids instead,we arrived at the entrance to find the ride closed for a daily afternoon test so we opted to ride Mind eraser instead.

Mind eraser didn't have a long wait so we got in line and after a 30 minute or so wait for row#2 red train we were off and as usual were treated to a rough and rather painful ride,I guess if you want a smooth as possible ride on this thing then the front is your best bet.

By the time we got done with Mind eraser Renegade rapids had finally opened so we jumped in line and were on the 2nd boat out,this ride prvides an exciting and good way to beat the heat because you never know if your gonna hit the rapids just right to get a major soaking or not,still it wasn't as wet as the last time I rode it about 5 or 6 years ago.

It was time to hit some flats so we made our way back over towards the front of the park to ride flying carousel which provided a great way to dry off after a ride on the rapids,having gotten dried off we next made our way over to Wild one.

We entered the queue and had a long wait ahaed of us however the ride broke down which caused nearly everyone to exit the line,once again the lap bars were the problem,they wouldn't lock at all so we were stuck waiting for maintenance to show up to fix the problem which took a good hour or so,once they were sure it was safe to operate the ride we were first up for the front seat,they didn't even bother testing it first but we got a great airtime filled & safe ride nonetheless.

After a quick dinner break we headed back to gotham and took a spin on polar express,I just couldn't pass this ride up any longer and it was my first time on it this year,afterwords it was off to ride the Jokers jinx

When we entered the line we were treated to yet another breakdown,this time the brake system had locked up due to a loss of air pressure,unlike Wild one however maintenance crews were already busy working on the problem so we once again waited it out and after a few test runs we were off ,once again JJ provided a great ride and this time while tryiong to hold my hands up in the corkscrew the lateral's were so strong we actually ended up butting heads.

Next up was another ride on Batwing,this time it was worse however because about halfway through the long wait in line the ride broke down and the ops sent everyone through station #1 into station #2, I don't get it why they couldn't just send an op down to simply remove the rope blocking station #2 instead of having to cross between the stations,during our long wait in line a huge fight also broke out between security and a guest who had somehow jumped up to the platform by means of a trashcan,which was totallydestroyed in the process.

After getting through the long and slow boarding procedure we were finally on our way,the ride wasn't as rough as it was back in june so we had an ok experience.

By this time it was getting dark so we headed to S:ROS,on our last trip we were denied a night ride on this baby but it wasn't gonna happen this time around,after a long wait for the middle of the train we were off into the night to partake in all that airtime goodness,the ride was running oh so smoothly and just didn't let up from the time we dropped til we hit the brakes,of course one ride is never enough so we jumped in line again.

Since it was almost closing time we opted this time for a front seat ride and after a 12 train wait we were off on the last official train of the night,once again this ride performed a solid and smooth airtime filled run which just didn't dissappoint and it got better because as soon as we entered the station we all asked for another lap,which the ops graciously provided,I just couldn't think of a better way to end a day of great rides then to finish on one of the best coasters in the park.

Here are my ratings for this trip: S:ROS-4 laps. new wheels on both trains as well as great operations made for an outstanding ride. My rating- 10/10

Roar-1 lap.slow loading due to front row lap bars not working creating a long wait but smoothand fast track conditions made for a great ride. my rating 8/10

Batwing-2 laps-long wait times as well as frequent breakdowns made for a less than perfect ride experience. my rating 6/10

Wild one- 1 lap- technical problems resulting in a 1 hour delay but once operating gave a solid run. my rating 7/10

Mind eraser-moderate wait but a painful ride,what more can I say. my rating 5/10

Jokers jinx-technical problems creating more delays,(not as long as Wild one's delay was though) still gave a good smooth ride experience. my rating 8/10

Overall the park experince was a good one on this trip with little to no line jumping at all and it seems that they're making an effort to keep the lines moving as fast as possible,however bad staffing on Batwing and slow maintenance responses to fix Wild one result in a much lower park rating this time around. my overall park rating-9/10.

I'll be taking September off but I'll be heading back to SFA again in October,so long till then.

Glad SFA seems to have thier heads on straight this year! Fights always make days more interesting however.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Have you tried Mind Eraser in the back? It is by no means smooth, but I find that the back seats run smoother than the front seats.
The last time I rode ME in the back was when I had that terrible ride on blue train row # 7.I always prefer the front of the ride for some reason.
Good point there Todd,maybe that's why their attendance figures are up by 9% this year .

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