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Thursday, July 12, 2001 4:32 AM
SFA is proof that amatuers should not build ride stations. It seems odd that you should have to chase down your boat on both the raft ride and the Seacoaster. Also, the park had problems with the lines on the following coasters:Wild One, Jokers Jinks, and Superman. The reason they had the problems is because when designing the stations, no one thought that people would want to wait for the front and back seats. This causes backups in the line and ride ops have to spend too much time telling guests to move up to fill in the empty seats. This was especially pronounced on S:ROS where some of the guests towards the front of the line weren't listening so guests behind them started going under the railing to ride the coaster. Hopefully the park will address this issue soon.

The last time I went to this park was May 1987. To say that there have been some changes since then would be an understatement. I really enjoyed the park then and I still do. My only real complaint is about Jokers Jinx. The park really needs to install the new lapbars on this ride, the difference is unbelievable. S:ROS, Wild One and Roar are all terrific coasters. It is a small park so it's easy to walk around. They have some excellent flat rides. I love Iron Eagle and Rodeo. The wavepool at this park is very nice also. I was not able to ride Batwing because the ride opened late.

I didn't see any of the problems with the crowd or customer service that many people mention. The food was expensive and of average quality. Season pass processing could be improved if they moved it to just outside the park like paramount does. The fact that the processing is done inside the park caused some difficulty with my family as my nephew did not have a season pass and so someone had to wait outside with him, while the others went to get their passes processed. If the processing was done just outside the gate, we could have all gotten our passes processed together.

All my complaints here are mild ones. The park has an excellent combination of rides. I thought the landscaping was well done. My family enjoyed the park better that PKI, but not as well as PKD.
Thursday, July 12, 2001 8:08 AM
I'm in complete agreement about the queues. I give a little bit of my philosophy on S:ROS's queue in my reply to Lynch's TR. I'm too hopeful that the problem will be resolved one day. Glad you enjoyed your stay. I too, like the excellent combination of rides.

Batwing-Bow Down

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