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Tuesday, July 10, 2001 8:46 AM
Well, we awaken from a wonderful day at Busch Gardens only to begin are trek up to Six Flags America. Your probably wondering why didnt we go to Kings Diminion since it was only 45minutes away. Well, we all agree we wanted to ride S:RoS so Kings Diminion was passed over. We arrive at the park 3 hours later and come to find a *9.00* parking fee. We were like, WTF. What makes this park all that to think it warrants a 9.00 parking fee.

So after complaining from going from a 6.00 parking fee, we paid it and parked. I kept commenting how I thought this park used to be a recreational park, cause of the way the parking lot looked and other things about the park that was out of the ordinary. Anywayz, Ill go onto the rides:

Jokers Jinx: I thought it was pretty good. We sat in the middle and I kept my head back which resulted in minimal headbanging. Too bad I couldnt say the same about the back, cause no matter how much I kept my head back it was still banging. I liked the layout though, lots of directional changes, inwhich I like.

Two-Face: Ive always been a fan of boomarang type coasters, so of course I would like it. Not that much banging and pretty intense. I was angry at the rideops on this ride, cause a lady had thrown up and instead of not allowing people on the ride to clean up. They loaded the train, then they sprayed disinfectant on the Steriod OTSR, while a little girl was in the seat besides it. Cmon, use common sense, ride ops.

Wild One: Dayuum, this little ride has quite a bit of airtime. Reminds me of the Big Dipper@SFWoA. It ran great too. I was a little PO, when I saw it was like no line going up the ramp, only to see the actually queue line is in the stations house. I thought that was weird.

Roar: Dayuum, another good wooden coaster. But I knew it wouldnt disappoint, cause it was a twister as I like them in wooden coasters and also the directional changes/laterals this ride produced. Awesome wooden coaster

Mind Eraser: A typical Vekoma SLC. Couldnt wait to get off.

Batwing: Longest wait of the day with about an hour wait. Great ride, pretty intense. They take your pic on the helix. Why dont they do that on X-Flight? They were only running one train, that sucked. It seemed like forever till we reached the station. But it was well worth it, though.

Typhoon Sea Coaster: I was impressed with this ride. It was fun and had quite a bit of theming to it. Our boat got stuck when it was supposed to turn backwards so the ride op had to push our boat down..LoL. The final drop freaked me out, cause we couldnt really see down and there was no water. This ride had a bit of a wait around 40-45 minutes as it was HOT that day.

Superman Ride Of Steel: OMG, if I were to ever have a Top Ten list this one is going straight to the top. I have never ridden a coaster where it blew me away on the first time. The drop was comparable to MF, and in a weird way I couldnt really tell the difference actually. The second hill produce alot of floating airtime. That first helix was intense and the second hill, Dayuum, it was so forceful..Then the second helix we went through. Then we went to the finale which made up my mind this is my favorite coaster. It seemed like a corkscrew type bunnyhop which literally had my standing as did the last two bunnyhops. You guys are so lucky to have this ride.

Well, that was it. It was great day. We stayed till the parked closed cause when Batwing finally opened, we just got alot of rides on Superman as much as we could. And it seemed each ride was better than the first. Food was ok. I ate at the Subway near Wild One and had some fries and a pop after that. Pretty good park, the layout does kinda suck and have lots of dead ends. But we enjoyed ourselves here. Didnt see the rowdy type crowds that I have read in other TR. There was a few there but they were just wannabes. Cant wait to return next year! Im definitely glad we choose SFA over Kings Diminion.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2001 10:07 AM
I'm glad you mostly enjoyed your day. Yes, I agree that we are very lucky to have S:ROS. Everytime I pull into the parking lot in fact I still get excited. I don't know if you read my last TR, but I also mentioned the $9 parking fee was excessive. Oh well, there's another $1 that somebody might have spent on merchandise or food. I can only hope it's for a major project next year. I tell you one thing though, it didn't effect the crowds last Friday one bit. That was the most crowded I had seen the park in a long time. As for the Wild One queue, that's one thing I really appreciate is that it's under cover. It can get really hot and humid in Maryland, and any shade is welcome.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:22 AM
Does anyone know when they will be running 2 trains for Batwing?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:32 AM
i was there on Monday and i asked the ride op and he said in about 3 weeks.

ps-Coasterr Jokers Jinx is one of my favorites because of the layout. it has alot of head banging but the straps are very soft so it doesnt hurt.
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 10:26 AM

Intamin Fan said:
Oh well, there's another $1 that somebody might have spent on merchandise or food. I can only hope it's for a major project next year.

Yes, that would be nice. We noticed the place has alot of land near Batwing and S:RoS.

Dayuum, Your HOT!
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 10:31 AM
According to some "In the know" (SM), S:ROS is in almost the exact center of the property they own. They could triple the size of the park and still have unused land. SFA *really* does not have a space problem (TM) ;)


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