SFA 6/26 small trip

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Tuesday, June 26, 2001 4:03 PM
After hearing that Batwing didn't open until late the day before, me and my friend decided to get there late which was smart. As much as I love coasters, sleep is still better. We rode Wild One so my friend who isn't a enthusiast could "warm up" so to speak. Line wasn't bad. They were fixing something on Two Face, but they were cycling trains so reopening seemed right around the corner. Cool, it reopens almost right away and we're first in line! Next we decide to ride Roar which has Fastlane which is so funny considering that it's a walk on most days. We decided to get Fastlane though for S:ROS which is a great decision because the red train was sidelined:( It was so nice to be able to walk up and almost instantaneously get on. Several other people were taking advantage so the word is getting out slowly. Next is was onto Batwing, which is still opening late for now. About 2:30 or so they walked everyone down to the ride. There will be no running of the bulls here. Several staff members watched as people walked towards the queue and they whipped a couple of kids into shape. No pushing!, get into a single file line!, no jumping the line!, etc. In fact several line jumpers were dealt with swiftly. It's nice to see that they care about peoples safety enough to not have everyone trampling each other for a 2:00 minute ride. Once everyone was in the queue we waited a little while, and then two cycles were done before the line moved. Once you get to the stairs leading to the platform, only two trains full of people are allowed, the people on the train, and the next batch. This makes for a much more orderly and enjoyable experience. Train dispatches were very quick for a ride of this complexity. While in line I met a couple of enthusiasts from Scottland! I also met two other enthusiasts and that makes the time go by faster. Next we rode Roar again which never gets old for me. Finally the four of us went and rode the newly reopened and re-modified Rodeo. Still the same ride thank goodness, but they have some new man-threatening bars between your legs. They don't hurt at all, but I wouldn't lean forward. Typhoon Seacoaster and Iron Eagle were both running which is always great. As for the Seacoaster a new sign says the ride opens at 12pm and closes at 6pm (I think). Hey whatever, a running Seacoaster is better than no Seacoaster. Hopefully this will get them plenty of time to work on this mechanically complex ride. The chute-the-shoots was being worked on, but you won't hear me complaining. That means drier seats for the rest of us! *** This post was edited by Intamin Fan on 6/26/2001. ***

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