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One of the nice things about my new Protege5 is that you can get where you want to go--fast. So it was completely appropriate that my next stop would be at Six Flags America, because every coaster tonight was running--fast.

Meeting up with my friend Diane at 6:15 , we headed to her first choice of the evening, Typhoon Seacoaster. The ride was going along as normal, until we got to the backwards section. Our boat had a right-hand tilt going on throughout the section. How ironic that I was sitting on the right side of the boat. And man did my shorts get wet! Superman was calling our name, and the Ride of Steel was delivering massive airtime. Seeing that Batwing had a line, we went back and rode Joker’s Jinx. Diane and I both had the look of “Oh my God, that was moving way too fast” in the brake run. It reminded me a lot of Poltergeist (Joker’s Jinx clone at SFFT) from a few weeks ago.

Next up was Two Face, and I chose my favorite row, the row facing the ride operator. I didn’t gray-out as hard as usual, but it still packed a wallop going through the vertical loop and the first half of the cobra roll. We moved onto the “Old Man” called Wild One next, and he taught us a lesson for sure. Once again, Diane and I looked at each other in shock when we hit the brakes, because the airtime was once again massive tonight! A family ride this isn’t anymore.

Walking back towards Roar, we make a stop at the Pirate Ship since there’s no line. I soon realized why I don’t ride it much. I can’t even remember the name right now. Of course, we had to hit Roar afterwards, and it was good. For some odd reason, oh yeah I remember now (the 5 minute or less rule, or I don’t ride), we rode Mind Eraser. Well, they did put softer pads on the headrest, so the banging was more B&M-like. But, we both agreed that Mind Eraser needs to be put out of its’ misery.

Diane mentioned earlier that she liked bumper cars, so we banged around some more. I didn’t receive any whiplash-like hits, and that I’m very thankful for. Up next was a spin on The Rodeo, and then we went back to Gotham City. Trying to get on Batwing, we were told the line was closed for evening. “Oh yeah”, I said, noting that it was 8:50pm. So the alternate, and a fine runner-up it was, was Ride of Steel. Did I mention we got on the last train, and that it was kicking butt?

So the final count was 11 rides in less than 3 hours, with three bathroom breaks. This equals my 11 rides in 3 hours at SFOT. My book “How to Get on the Most Rides in Three Hours or Less” will be on sale soon.
If coasters are your life, than maybe you need to re-examine your life.

Nice report! You have a Protege 5!!!! I so envy you. I test drove one, and I loved it!!! Your right they are FAST!! I was gonna buy it, but my loan feel through so I settled for a Honda Civic =(.

Nice TR,how were the lines ?when I was there on the 8th the lines were terribly slow and we had to deal with several line jumpers.

We finally got a response from SFA's complaint management team and they said they will try to increase security but I'm not sure just what they can do.oh well better luck on the 29th.

The lines weren't bad last night.
If coasters are your life, than maybe you need to re-examine your life.
Im going on a friday, I hope the lines arent too long.

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