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Well, I moved from NY state to Virginia this weekend, and on the way, I hit some coasters.

I stopped at SFA on Saturday, and got in around 10:30. I thought the park was a very pretty, small park, with quite a bit of charm that Six Flags hasn't managed to completely drain yet.

Coasters: I rode Roar 3 times in 10 minutes at the beginning of the day, and I have to say that GCI twisters rock, if this is any indication. Fantastic laterals and little pops of air, and a relatively smooth ride made this one awesome coaster. I also have to mention that The Wild One is also a fantastic old woodie, with tons of airtime and a final helix that really packs a punch.

I enjoyed Two Face, which was my first invertigo. These are MUCH better than their sit-down brethren. I actually had a good time on it!

Joker's Jinx was fun, but wasn't particularly memorable. I can see how this could hurt if they had OTSR, but with lap bars it was pretty comfortable.

Batwing was more fun than I remember X-Flight being at SFWoA, but I rode the front on Batwing, and in the middle on X-Flight. While the ride is fun, it's a ride once sort of thing for me, and that one ride gave me red bruise marks on my shoulders.

S:ROS is just as incredible as it's mirror at SFDL, and I just can't get over how much I love Intamin hypers. Absolutely fantastic ride.

I only stayed till about 3:30, since I had some other stuff to do, but I had a good time, and was particularly impressed with the two woodies there.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg
This is my only Trip Report, and it's boring, but BGW is my new home park, and I'll be there all the damn time this summer, since I live 15 minutes away.

For my first trip, I went late in the day (4:00) and stayed only until about 6:00. In that 2 hour span, I managed to eat dinner and hit all 5 coasters. I'm going back today in about a half hour. I just wanted to hit the rides!

Apollo's Chariot. Since I only rode each coaster once, I'll have to reserve judgement. Out of the 6 hypers I've ridden, I'd put AC in 6th. However, my 6th favorite hyper is still one hell of a ride. (i.e., all hypers are pretty friggin awesome.) I got decent air on every hill, but nothing very forceful, and it wasn't constant floater air, so it left a little to be desired. Please don't think that I think AC is a poor ride. On the contrary, it's an outstanding coaster that I'll probably ride 100 times this summer. I just realised that I'm spoiled by Intamin hypers...all 3 I've ridden leave the two B&M hypers I've ridden in the dust. But, it's still a great ride, with a great setting in the trees.

Big Bad Wolf Now THIS is what a suspended coaster is supposed to be like. After only having Iron Draggin' at CP to judge the suspended genre, I wasn't expecting much, but BBW is actually pretty thrilling, and pulls some good Gs at several points in the ride. The theming and setting for the drop into the ravine make this an extremely fun ride. (from these two reviews, you'd think I like BBW better than AC..I don't.)

Wilde Maus This was my first real wild mouse coaster, and I was very surprised. The hairpin turns at the top actually scared me. I thought for sure the car was going to fly off the track with me plummetting 50 feet to my death. Good ride!

Loch Ness Monster For such a simple design, LNM is very fun. It's one of the smoother Arrow loopers I've ridden recently, and the super long helix in the dark is very cool.

Alpengeist Well, Alpengeist is just a blast. I thought the opening immelman and loop weren't particularly forceful, but I'm glad they aren't, because that's the most wicked cobra roll I've ever experienced. If the first two elements were really intense, I'd probably black out on the cobra roll. Very cool. I love the footchoppers and the overall feel of the ride. Great coaster.

I just have to say that BGW is by far the most beautiful park I've been to. the theming is in some ways comparable to Disney, but it's not the theming that makes is so pretty. It's a combination of the water, the trees, the theming, the paths, the close proximity of everything, and the overall atmosphere. I'm very glad to have this just a quick drive up the road. I'm off to there in just a few minutes!


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Great TR! Hope you had a good move, have fun at BGW this summer!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

Don't forget to visit PKD sometime this summer as well,they've got a fairly good selection of coasters that shouldn't be missed,I wish I could say the same for thier flat rides or lack thereof.
It's funny (sarcasm) that you mention Six Flags dragging the life out of the SFA, because it's actually been quite the opposite. Most of the plants, flowers, and lights you saw are new for this year. Glad you enjoyed the coasters. Please come back again.
If coasters are your life, than maybe you need to re-examine your life.

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