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Tuesday, June 12, 2001 10:25 PM
After the media preview for Batwing several of us decided to check the other attractions. The park was more crowded than usual because school is out for many kids and the waterpark was open as well. Well wouldn't you know it Superman was having computer problems. No problem so we went and rode Roar. WildOne and I wanted to ride Iron Eagle somewhere in there but the ride broke again, and this time the body and arm were at a bent angle. Boy that must have interesting had they had to get people off the ride. They cycled the ride later and it was doing ok but later got stuck in an even more unusual position. Later on we traveled back to Gotham City and after several minutes of cycling Superman reopened. I'm still blown away by this coaster and so is the public who continue to take their virgin rides. I finally found out that the Rodeo (Huss Breakdance) may be reopening soon. Thanks to Sam Marks I went over to Coyote Crek and saw the latest round of modifications for "rider safety". They have a small door at the bottom of the car as well as new lapbars it looked like. I left around 4:30 and had a pretty good time and I can't wait to ride Batwing again with the general public on Saturday (fingers crossed).

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