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I had a very short visit to Six Flags America on Tuesday, but what I found was a delight—two train operation on S:ROS finally! At first I was worried they were doing the load one train only bit that they've been doing this season as I didn't see anyone on the red train, but once I got into the station the real nature of the "problem" reared its ugly head. Someone puked on the red train. Damn all that airtime. They have a bunch of new signs for the rides and I for one believe they should put "not for those with delicate stomachs" on the sign. After a little cleanup they sent it out for a spin-dry. Off to my right I hear somebody saying they should call it "Superman Ride of Spew". Hey it's GoWithGravity and his friend Jason.

I also ran into my friend Shannon and I talked everyone into riding Penguin's Blizzard River. Not surprisingly, they have added seatbelts around the straps. That didn't take them long. These are standard PTC airplane style belts. This seemed to slow the process of loading down a bit, but I think it was a wise decision on the parks behalf. My worry was that some kid was going to standup and roll down the conveyor belt. It did allow us to enjoy the ride a bit more as we didn't have to hold onto anything. It was pretty hot and unfortunately the pipe with the water streams wasn't functioning. We did get a little wet in the longer section of the slide. They did have the misters turned on under the bridge, but they don't reach far enough to make a difference. I also would like to see the penguins on some kind of sensor, instead of the random spray that they are now. I realize that Whitewater West intends PBR to be more of a dry ride, but it gets so hot in Gotham City that I would love to see some more water effects, like the waterguns and geysers that were supposed to be in place. Maybe they'll come later this season.
If you have a problem with clones, the solution is real simple—Stop traveling.

That's great news to hear that S:ROS is finally operating at full capacity,I'm hoping for the trend to continue during the weekend because I'm headed there on saturday as long as the weather holds out.

Any news on JJ or Wild One yet? last time I was at the park they were only loading yellow,cycling purple on JJ & loading blue,cycling red on Wild one.

I have seen them run all trains this season as needed. Including the both trains on JJ and both trains on Wild One. S:ROS was the only one that I have not seen them run both trains on.

Wild One was unfortunately down when I left, which is unusual. I heard it was open earlier in the day. They were loading both trains of Joker's Jinx.
If you have a problem with clones, the solution is real simple—Stop traveling.

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