SFA 6-8-02 Could have been beter.

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Sunday, June 9, 2002 7:31 PM
rail junkie's avatar My buddies picked me up around 9:32 am. We arrived at SFA around 10:48 am.
Our first order of the day was making a reservation on the Sky Coaster. So we made it for 2:03 pm. So we started our SFA day with a Flight on Superman Ride Of Steel. Witch was a walk on rate for this morning a 10. Then it was off for another flight but this time it was a flight on Batwing. And it’s been also a walk on and Batwing had two stations open. So my Buddy & I decided to go to the second station of Batwing. We rode Batwing two times in a row Rate in the morning a 10 & 9 as the very first time since Batwing open that they were running two trains station. Now it’s off for a ride on the Typhoon Sea Coaster were the lines were not to bad. We got lot of airtime on it witch is very unusual for a water ride rate 10. I would like to mention that on our second run on Batwing the other train on station 1 got stuck on the lift hill as our train was coming in to the station. We got stuck for only 10 minutes. Because the Breaking device lock break got locked.
While waiting in the Typhoon Sea Coaster I saw some one wearing an IOA Dueling Dragons tee shirt on. Next it was off for wooden coaster ride on the Wild one it’s lines were not to long. We rode the Wild One in the second row because we had to be at the Sky Coaster at 2:05 pm. Once again we had a great flight on the Sky Coaster rate 10.
We tried to get our 3rd flight on Batwing but as we were waiting in line they ere having problems with the train at the second station so we didn’t wait in the line. We also rode Roar with the line were very long. We rode it in the first row rate a 10. And we also did some flat rides on High Seas a rate 8, Flying Carousel a rate 10, Iron Eagle a rate 10. I would also add that while we were waiting in the Superman Ride Of Steel we saw a lot of people cutting in line and the ride operators let the fast pass people board the whole train witch they shouldn’t have done. There is one row just for Fast Pass holders. In fact at the end of the day my buddy & I went to Guess Relations and reported it to them. So they gave me a guest comment form to fill out. I was looking at it and saw that they had an e-mail address so I e-mail SFA a compliant. We even rode the Mind Eraser were the lines were very long rate 9. So we ended our SFA day with another run on Wild One and the lines were not to long this was at nighttime rate 10+.

Sunday, June 9, 2002 7:44 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong but we did get 3 rides in on Batwing,the 4th attempt was with only one train and station which is why we didn't stay in line,also iron eagle broke down while we were in line remember? so we never rode it.
Monday, June 10, 2002 5:01 AM
Nice report.



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