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Once again the time has come for another trip to SFA this time with an extra person in our group today.

After a late start getting on the road we pulled into the SFA lot at around 11-1130 am and instead of heading straight through the main gate we instead had to endure a long line waiting to get a ticket for rail junkie's girlfriend who was visiting from Florida.

Once inside the gates we proceeded towards Gotham and our first coaster of the day was JJ which with multi train operation didn't have half as long of a line as it did back on my last visit,after a modest wait for the back we were off and once again I just had to have my hands up during that launch.

Next on the coaster agenda for the day was S:ROS which had a terribly slow and long line due to single train operation,after hitting the brakes at the end of the ride however a mechanic was present on the transfer track making preps to put the red train back into operation and by the time we got off they had shut the ride down so the train could be added.

Having warmed up on S:ROS and JJ we made our way to Batwing only to find single station operation but a short line of about 20 minutes or so,to speed up loading they were assigning seats this time around and we were assigned to car#3 once again a great ride but it is beginning to show signs of roughness particularly on the exit of the horseshoe as well as the inline rolls.

By this time it was starting to get hot so the three of us made our way over to Typhoon sea coaster,as usual there was a long slow moving line due in part to the use of only 3 out of 12 boats so after a 30-45 minute wait we were finally on and enjoyed a good ride as well as a few refreshing splashes as well.

Seeing as how Roar was close by and we had yet to ride any woodies we headed there next,after a quick 2 train wait for the front we were off on the most enjoyable airtime filled ride of all time(at least I didn't get stapled at all this time on the woodies)while approaching the brakes we hit that thing so fast and hard that the back of the car actually raised up and hit the upstops.

By this time it was on to some flats so we took a spin aboard High seas and as usual chose to sit in the back to enjoy the airtime to it's fullest,the only thing I don't like about the ride is that the cycle is way too short.

The next ride on the ageda was Mind eraser and a moderate wait of 30 minutes for the front,as usual the ride was a head banger particularly after the dive element going into the sidewinder and this time no restraint problems whatsoever.

After grabbing some lemonade it was off to hit some more flats this time Iron eagle was the ride of choice,while loading up the ride op mentioned something about securing all loose change and that they have already collected at least 20 bucks in loose change that had fallen under the ride(hey at this rate they might just make enough money for a new coaster)as for the ride itself a few things scared me a bit for one about miway through the cycle the ride started making a rather loud popping sound and everytimw we went around you could feel the car shifting on it's axles.

Next up was Two face,upon arriving at the queue however we were dissappointed to find it closed so we opted for Wild one in stead,this is where the trouble began while waiting in line Rail junkie's girlfriend Val began getting a bit nauseius and throwing up so she opted to sit the ride out and waited for us at the subway shop near the go-karts instead.As for the ride itself it was great after a modest 20 to 30 minute wait for the front.

It was getting late so we headed back to coyote creek to get some dinner and catch a show,by this time Val had recovered enough to be able to get back into riding so after dinner we headed back to Batwing,this time both sides were running and hardly any line so after a 15-20 minute wait we were off once again and had a great albeit rough ride.

We headed next over to JJ again this tiime for a front seat ride and once again we were treated to an action packed high G ride expierience.

Next up was Two face,which had reopened with only a 20 minute wait for car#4,this time a whole bunch of riders managed to actually get through the fastlane row without the ride op even noticing due to the little fastlane sign falling off the airgate each time the train ran through the station.

It was already past sunset when we hopped on Wild one again,this time Val was able to enjoy the ride ,going around the far turn the train really flew for home providing some major amounts of out of your seat ejector air,earlier we clocked it at 1minute 50 sec. but this time it flew throuth the course at a whopping 1 minute 46 seconds.

It was about 9:30 pm when we made a mad dash for S:ROS hoping to get a night ride in but were dissappointed to find the queue already closed for the night (why advertise the park as being open till 10 pm and shut the lines down at 9:45 pm? that's something I'd like to know) so instead we headed back to Roar for one last ride and were pleased to find it still open and a walk on,it was a nice change to end on a woodie for once and we havn't ridden Roar at night in a while.

Ride ratings for this trip are as follows

JJ-2 laps -once again the Joker's back with a vengeance and now that both trains are fully operational it looks as though it's the most popular ride in the park next to Batwing and S:ROS. my rating 9/10

S:ROS-1 lap -once again slow lines and single train operation combined with a lack of a chance to ride at night have lowered my rating this time around. my rating 6/10

Batwing-2 laps- an overall good ride this time around but a bit on the rough side. my rating 8/10

Roar-2 laps- a great high speed airtime filled experience topped off with a great nigfht ride.my rating 10/10

Two face-1 lap-moderate wait imes and a smooth ride made for a fun experience. my rating 7/10

Mind eraser- 1 lap-what can I say? it's the same old hang n bang that it always is. my rating 6/10

Wild one-2 laps- a great ride all the way around,the speed and airtime after the turnaround are something not to miss.my ratiing 10/10

All in all this was a much better trip to SFA than my earlier June trip and hopefully my next trip on july 27th will be just as good.

Nice trip report. I'm going down to Sfam in July.

-Sean Newman
84 coasters in Track Record!! Hypersonic XLC # 100 in July. Waiting for the 305 foot drop tower in 2003. Thank you PKD.

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