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Monday, May 7, 2001 12:49 PM
For starters, weather sucked when I first got there with some non-Buzz friends of mine, but got better after the clouds cleared up a bit. Attendants were all there usual selves for when I am there, bored, but not nasty or anything. Crowd was modereate to heavy due to a dance competion in the Grand Theatre. Lines were 10-30 min depending on the ride. On to the reviwes!:)

ROAR-2 laps, last car, last row: A great as ever, with large amounts of air coming out from the tunnel to the end. new lap bar springs are a little lose though, causing the bar to fall down into my lap during the ride.

Wild One(not myself, the coaster)-1 lap, 4.2- running faster and smoother due to the rebuilt trains with some good air on the return run

Mind Eraser-1 lap, row 10-not bad, and the G's were stronger than I remebered from last year

Two Face-1 lap, middle somewhere: (WARING, RANT AHEAD) Slow line, as usual, but some good G's none the less. Now for the rant. I tried to ride it once and some stole my seat! I went to place my bag on the platform across from the gates, and some lady and her 8 year old just walked up and took my seat! Decided it wasn't worth complaining, and just waited till thenext ride.

Joker's Jinx-1 lap, 1.2:Acceleration just doesn't seem the same after Hypersonic, but still had fun. Waiting fopr the lap bar treatement with great anticipation.

Superman-2 laps, 1.2 and 8.2: Kicking major ASCII as always.:) New seats include hand hols not, not that I needed them. ;)

Batwing is looking awsome, and the park as a whole was clean and pretty. Looking to be a good year. Skycoaster is still just a hole in the hillside near the batman stunt theater.
Wednesday, May 9, 2001 6:18 PM
What's up Wild One! I'm surprised I haven't ran into you yet, but there's the rest of the season to go. Boy that stinks about Two Face, but as I was placing my souvenier cup on loading platforms the other day I was thinking the same thing could happen to me.

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